SOLVED! Metro 2033 Can’t Pick Up Bastard Gun

While Metro 2033 is a solid game, it’s not uncommon to see players complaining about issues like Metro 2033 can’t pick up Bastard gun. Usually, players tapping instead of holding down “E” is the reason why Artyom is unable to get his hands on the Bastard gun. Spare some time to check out this article and learn what must be done to progress the story. 

Unable To Pick Up Bastard Gun: Summary

For your information, based on the default keybind, you could get Artyom to pick up guns by tapping “E”. However, the Bastard gun is presented to Artyom in the beginning of the game, you must hold down “E” for him to pick it up. Unable to get through the part where you need to pick up the Bastard gun? Then approach the gun, hold down “E” and determine whether the issue persists. 

Breakdown Of The Gun

Assuming that things proceed smoothly, you should be able to add the Bastard gun to your inventory with relative ease. Still, to put the Bastard gun to good use, you have to master its characteristics. The Bastard gun belongs to the category of carbine/submachine gun so it fires fast but takes little time to overheat as well. Even though the Bastard gun is considered to be a low-grade weapon by many, it still proves its worth if used properly. 


  • The accuracy of the Bastard gun is poor so unless you want bullets to land around instead of on the enemies, avoid firing in full-auto. Single shots and short bursts work best while using the Bastard gun. ( Finally, get as close as possible before opening up. 
  • The odds of overheating spike if you empty two magazines in quick succession. That means you should change between weapons during battles. 
  • The reload of the Bastard gun is longer than that of other weapons. Surrounded by enemies when the Bastard runs dry? Then don’t hesitate to switch to the next gun. 


  • The firing rate of the Bastard gun is insanely fast so it takes seconds to take down enemies in close-range. 
  • The Bastard gun could use silencer which is handy if you like the stealthy approach. It’s worth pointing out that if silencer is present, accuracy is increased while recoil is decreased. 

How long will it take to complete Metro 2033? 

To finish all the main missions, players will have to spend 9 hours while it will take 23 hours to obtain a 100% completion.

How many endings does Metro 2033 have? 

The game contains two endings that will be unlocked based on the choices of the player throughout the story.

How old is Artyom? 

Based on the novel, Artyom’s age is 24 which means that he was born before the nuclear war. He lost his mother quite soon and was adopted by Sukhoi, a military officer.

Is Metro 2033 an open-world game? 

No, the game guides players through a linear structure.

Which game should I play first, Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light? 

To have a basic grasp of the world in the Metro franchise, Metro 2033 should be played first since it introduces the post-apocalyptic Moscow as well as the underground Metro tunnels.

Which assault rifle is the best in the game? 

The answer is the Kalash 2012 because of its strength along with the new customization system. Yet, it can only be owned in the late stages of the game.

How many weapons can I carry at the same time? 

In the normal difficulties, the maximum number of weapons that you can carry is 3 and the number is reduced to 2 in Ranger mode.

Does Metro 2033 have jumpscares? 

Generally speaking, horror is not the main aspect of Metro 2033 so people don’t have to worry about jumpscares. However, the atmosphere is chilling according to many players.

Is Metro 2033 worth playing? 

Most of the reviews of Metro 2033 praise the game and critics agree that it provides an engrossing experience as well as interesting characters. Metro 2033 still leaves something to be desired such as the inadequate gameplay systems and poor artificial intelligence.

Is Metro 2033 kid-friendly? 

Absolutely not since the game contains cursing and violence. The appropriate age to play the game is 13 and above.

Tips And Tricks 

  • The Bastard gun can be reloaded faster if the magazine is empty. 
  • To get the most out of the Bastard gun, give it two attachments: silencer and aiming optic. 
  • Considering the nature of the Bastard gun, it excels in close-quarter combat. It will help conserve the ammo of other guns too.
  • Separated from your allies? There is nothing to worry about since they will wait for you while taking no damage. 
  • Long-range scopes have little use since the game does not include a suitable area for sniping. 
  • Buy as much ammo as you can in every shop you come across so you don’t run out of ammo in the middle of nowhere. Also, if the shop offers gas mask filters, feel free to pick them up.
  • Stay away from prostitutes.
  • The revolver packs a punch and can be used in nearly every stage of the game. 
  • Throw knives to kill enemies in silence so you don’t raise an alarm. You could get back your knives too. 
  • In case you have run out of gas filters, just take it out and have thirty seconds of fresh air. This means that you can repeatedly do this and reloading will not be needed anymore. Yet, it is better to stock up the filters as much as possible.
  • Even if you see a weapon but do not intend to use it, just grab and sell it to get more bullets. 
  • The flashlights and some specific guns can be recharged.
  • The Helsing gun is so far one of your best friends in Metro 2033, but it is quite hard to find because it can be found for free only once or twice in the game. Of course, it appears in some stores if you are just too rich. 

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