Meltys Quest Rune Cubes Locations

Since its release back in 2017, Meltys Quest has piqued the curiosity of RPG fans with its interesting blend of turn-based combat and “beautiful” graphics. As gamers advance through Meltys Quest, they could collect a wide range of items to improve the combat prowess of Meltys. Among such items, rune cubes stand out from the rest as they provide new abilities. If you have a hard time searching for Meltys Quest rune cubes location, you should find this article useful. 

Rune Cubes In Meltys Quest: Overview 

New to Meltys Quest and its mechanics? Well, the game is about the adventure of princess Meltys who had spent her life living in leisure and luxury. Now, she is saddled with the responsibility of saving her three sisters and rescuing her Kingdom from the hands of the Grolido Monster Empire who came invading. She has to overcome several obstacles and battle tough enemies during her quest for this to happen.

During her adventure, Meltys should come across a number of rune cubes. Each of the Meltys Quest rune cubes grants a special ability to Meltys that proves instrumental in her quest to save the day. To be able to make any progress in the game, you have to find the first rune cube and get the sword that will be used throughout the entire game. The other rune cubes are at the last dungeon and would be needed to fight Dark Daliah.

Rune Cube 1

To get Meltys started on the right footing, she needs to gain access to Alfredo’s sword. For the remaining parts of the game, all you have to do is to upgrade the sword at a smithery. The first rune cube is what gives Alfredo’s sword to Meltys and here is how to get it:

Step 1

Head for the secret passage in the underground castle and proceed eastwards via the closed-off stairs. Head southwards from that point to the end of the path then move west to reach the first of Meltys Quest rune cubes location You will find a chest there and the rune cube is inside it.

Step 2

Activate the crystal switch to access the rune cube inside the chest. That should also give you access to Alfredo’s chest and you could use it during the playthrough.

Rune Cube 2

The second and the third rune cube are located in the same area in Alfredo’s dungeon. They are necessary for progressing into the other parts of the game, like getting the JK costume and defeating the evil boss ahead. Here is how to find the second rune cube;

Step 1

Light every torch on your path from Esmeralda to Melty’s and defeat all the slimes as well as cyclops you meet on your way.

Step 2

Lower the spikes by flipping on the switch then leave through the path northwards. Follow the path that leads towards the exit and move westwards; you should be able to discover the second chest containing the second rune cube.

Rune Cube 3

The third rune cube is also located in Alfredo’s dungeon and not too far from the second one. Here is how to find it;

Step 1

With the switch to the spike in Alfredo’s last dungeon lowered, it may seem as though you are trapped but feel free to leave it that way. There is a dark spot just above the second rune cube; follow it and you will be able to cross unscathed. 

Step 2

Follow the path that leads southward and you should see a bottle with a transparent enemy on it. Kill the enemy and reach for the chest. You would find the third rune cube in that chest.

Tips And Tricks

Now that you have unlocked the three rune cubes that there are, you can now go ahead to defeat the evil boss, Dark Daliah. To be able to defeat this boss, make sure that your sword is upgraded to the highest level and your succubus is set. Otherwise, the battle is going to be challenging.

After defeating Daliah, the game isn’t over. Save the game, and instead of NG+, choose to continue from the last point. This will take you to Daliah’s small world, where you must battle more goblins.

Is Meltys Quest A Long Game?

The time it takes you to finish a playthrough depends on many factors such as your knowledge, skill, luck, …On average, it takes seven hours to finish the main story, ten and a half hours to finish the main story+extras and thirteen hours to finish everything.

How Many Endings Does Meltys Quest Have?

There are six endings in Meltys quest and each of them requires that you fulfill unique criteria.

What Must Be Done To Get Eggs In Meltys Quest?

To get the eggs in Meltys quest, you need to allow Meltys impregnated by the lizardmen on the mountain by losing to them. She is going to lay four eggs per pregnancy.

How Can I Get Dark Meltys?

To get Dark Meltys, you have to first complete a playthrough and start a new game. Dark Meltys will only become available after the evil boss Esmeralda has been defeated.


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