Master Lost Sector Drop Rate

Once it comes to farming in Destiny 2, Master Lost Sector drop rate is one of the topics that attract special attention from players who care about productivity. You have a hard time wrapping your mind around the drop rate of items in the Master Lost Sector? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could show you everything about the rate of items being dropped in the Master Lost Sector.

Drop Rate In Master Lost Sector: Overview 

All in all, the Exotic drop rate in the Master Lost Sector is around 33%. That translates to around  4 Exotics per hour but Master Lost Sector drop rate is known for being inconsistent. Therefore, depending on the situation, it’s more productive to farm Exotics via the Legend Lost Sector. Aside from that, it won’t hurt to test your luck in Grandmaster Nightfall as well. 


What is the ideal power level to play Master Lost Sector challenges? 

You should only give Master Lost Sector challenges a go if your power level is around 1,600. If your power level is below the threshold, you would struggle to complete the challenges. 

Which one is superior, Master Lost Sector or Legend Lost Sector? 

Most players agree that the Legend Lost Sector is the best despite a drop rate of only 25%. The consistency of  Legend Lost Sector means if you play the Legend Lost Sector for one hour, you would likely get 5 Exotics. Furthermore, the stats of exotic items dropped in the Master Lost Sector compare favorably with those of the Legend Lost Sector items. 

How come I cannot get Exotics in the Lost Sector? 

It all comes down to RNG. It’s suggested that you be patient and keep playing. 

What are the Lost Sector’s exotic rewards for Hunter in the current season? 

Exotic helmets consist of Blight Ranger and Mask of Bakris. For the chest part, Omnioculus and Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk will be available. Regarding arms, Hunters can receive the Caliban’s Hand, Renewal Grasps and Athrys’s Embrace. (Xanax) Last but not least, Exotic legs comprise Star-Eater Scales and Radiant Dance Machines. 

What exotic rewards will I get while playing as Titan in the Lost Sector? 

For helmets, Loreley Splendor and Precious Scars will be waiting for you. About armors, armours that you can get are Hoarfrost-Z and Cuirass of the Falling Star. Second Chance, Icefall Mantle, No Backup Plans and Point-Contact Cannon Brace would be yours for the arms. You could only get The Path of Burning Steps for the legs. 

What are the Warlock’s exotic rewards from Lost Sector during this season? 

Two helmets exist: Dawn of Chorus and Fallen Sunstar. Only one exotic chest armor is available: the Mantle of Battle Harmony. Once it comes to arms, Warlocks can get either the Necrotic Grip or the Nothing Manacles or even both. As for the legs, Lost Sector will provide you Rain of Fire, Secant Filaments and Boots of the Assembler. 

How do I unlock the Legend Lost Sector? 

For Legend Lost Sector to appear, you need to complete Normal Lost Sector.

Does Lost Sector come daily? 

Yes, both the Legend and Master Lost Sector are available daily. Also, they are similar to each other, thus making planning easier. 

How many times can I play a Lost Sector? 

There is no limit as you can play the Lost Sector over and over again. It all depends on the time you have. 

How long does the Lost Sector last? 

Lost Sector lasts exactly one day from 9 AM PDT until tomorrow at 9 AM PDT. After that, they will be rotated. 

Can Destiny 2 be played solo? 

Totally yes, but you cannot do nightfalls and dungeons since they require a party of at least 3 people. 

Will I get duplicated exotic items in Destiny 2? 

Unfortunately, yes. Still, the odds tend to be quite low after the release of the big update 2.0. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Concentrate on increasing the power level of your character. 
  • Be thorough while planning the loadout because you cannot change it once you enter the Lost Sector. 
  • Keep an eye on your remaining lives. Also, do your best to defeat a champion in the Lost Sectors to claim back one life. 
  • Watch out for the timer.
  • The run-and-gun strategy won’t work well in Lost Sector so take down targets one by one. 


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