MapleStory 2 Cornelian Cherry

Published by Nexon in 2015 as a sequel to MapleStory, MapleStory 2 is by all accounts a solid massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Like its contemporaries, MapleStory 2 contains multiple items that play a key role in the progress of players. While players could collect many of the items with relative ease, others prove tricky to obtain and Cornelian Cherry is a prime example. In the case that you have a hard time getting MapleStory 2 Cornelian Cherry, this article should be of use to you. 

Breakdown Of Cornelian Cherry In MapleStory 2

Cornelian Cherry is one of the items that you need to have to complete certain quests in MapleStory 2. For example, you need to give twenty Cornelian Cherries to the wizard lady in one quest.  

Also, Cornelian Cherry is an ingredient for making portions. To make a Warrior Tonic you need to combine two Cornelian Cherries and four Orange Herbs. Aside from that, to make a Special Warrior Tonic, you need to combine three Cornelian Cherries with four Special Red Herbs.

How To Pick Up Cornelian Cherry

It’s possible to get MapleStory 2 Cornelian Cherry in a number of ways. As you play through the quests and kill enemies, you should come across some here and there. However, if you need Cornelian Cherry in large quantities, take a look at the methods down below:

  • Black Market: You can purchase Cornelian Cherry at the Black Market if you have cash to spend. By taking advantage of the black market, you could stock up on Cornelian Cherry at will.
  • Beast-Type Mobs: You can get a lot of Cornelian Cherries if you battle Beast-type mobs from level 15 onward. 
  • Spectrumwood: In case you don’t know, mobs in Spectrumwood drop Cornelian Cherry when you kill them. Thus, if you need some Cornelian Cherries in a hurry, go to Spectrumwood.
  • Aquatopia: Like Spectrumwood, Aquatopia is a location in MapleStory 2 with mobs that carry Cornelian Cherry. If you spend a bit of time battling Aquatopia mobs, you could get your hands on many Cornelian Cherries.
  • Rainbow Mountain: Don’t mind traveling and unlocking maps? Then you should pay a visit to Rainbow Mountain. Beasts and insects in Rainbow Mountain have a high probability of dropping Cornelian Cherries once killed.

Ways To Play

  • MapleStory 2 consists of numerous missions that grant players the opportunity to pick up items. Furthermore, each mission has a detailed description that tells you where to look to get the item you may want. Therefore, you should pay attention to the description before starting missions. 
  • In the beginning, remember to change the keybindings if you don’t like using the default keys. After you start the game, you cannot make further changes until you arrive at Lith Harbor so be careful. 
  • Carry out the daily tasks ahead of the reset time because the loots you will receive from them increase your amount of loots.
  • Do not hesitate to join random players if you do not know how to defeat bosses.
  • As you progress in this game, keep changing to superior equipment and dismantling old ones in your arsenal. Alternatively, you can sell the old kits to an NPC.
  • Focus on leveling up to unlock features in the MapleStory 2 selection. For example, at level 12, you can unlock the ground mount and household refurbishing feature. Besides that, at level 17, you can start building your dream property.
  • When you get to level 49, go back and re-clear the dungeons for trophies as well as rewards. The dungeon clears will reset once you get to level 50.
  • Once you reach level 50 in MapleStory 2, you can start from the beginning.

What Is Stellar Glass Used For?

You can create a Gemstone Box containing 200 gemstone dust by combining Stellar Glass with Obsidian Essence. You can buy Stellar Glass at the NPC from Cherri Ring. You can only purchase the item five times a week at the cost of 200,000 Meso each. Also, note that the limitation is per account and not per character. (Alprazolam)

How Could I Unlock Berg Island And Alkimi Island?

Berg Island and Alkimi are professional Mining and Foraging islands that you can only access after reaching level 5 of both professions (Mining and Foraging). Both islands have individual nodes where you can acquire your daily profession mats.

Why Do I Need Servants And Assistants?

Servants are essential to have as they help you craft items. Each servant has their specialty regarding what they can prepare (for example, the beverage servant). When you can get good servants working for you, you could level up at a faster pace. On the other hand, you do not need an assistant; however, they can also create some consumables. While assistants are not as crucial as servants, the game allows you to upgrade their EXP level.

What Is The Dark Descent In Maplestory 2?

The Dark Descent is a solo dungeon that comprises thirty floors and the further you go in, the higher score you will receive. In most of the cases, you won’t be able to go beyond the fifth floor since you will be battling against other human players. Once you leave, you could see a leaderboard that shows you how well others play. Players who pull off impressive performances will receive a gift of Havi Fruit currency that lets them buy items like mounts and cosmetics. 

If you are wondering where to find the Dark Descent, you can access it via the overworld map Stonehill Dig Site or the Challenge Map. The top ten players of DD get rewarded with a legendary belt that lasts two weeks, ­the Fairy King’s Belt. The highest-ranking player gets a more robust version of the same belt, the Old Fairy King’s Belt.

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