Long Live The Queen Cheat Engine

In single-player games like Long Live The Queen, there is no shame in cheating so Long Live The Queen cheat engine sees extensive use. You want to take advantage of the cheat engine of  Long Live The Queen to overcome in-game challenges but don’t know how? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could show you the way to make use of the Long Live The Queen cheat engine. 

Cheat Engine Of Long Live The Queen: Compilations

  • Step 1: Launch the game, look for the Debugger and open it. Depending on the version, Debugger could be founded either under Video in Preferences (new versions) or on the main menu (old versions)
  • Step 2: Enter the cheat code. If you want to enable multiple cheat codes simultaneously, put them in the same row
  • Step 3: Hit Enter twice. 

Note: While Long Live The Queen cheat engine proves handy at times, keep in mind that cheat codes might result in crashes. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for capitalization, space, formats and so on to act up if you enable cheat codes. 

Cheat Codes In Long Live The Queen

Money Cheat Codes

By using this cheat code, you could increase the amount of Lassi in the Royal Treasury. The code is lassi=X and X stands for the number (0 – 9999_. For example, if you want to have 9999 Lassi in the Royal Treasury, enter lassi=9999. 

Skills Cheat Codes

Two types of skill cheat codes exist, temporary and permanent. Temporary code takes effect right after the input and will last until the end of that week. On the other hand, permanent codes won’t take effect until the start of next week. Also, raising skills over 25 might lead to some outfits being locked and you cannot unlock them unless you resort to outfit cheat codes. 

For a temporary skill increase, type skill_name=X into the debugger and X stands for the points. If you need a permanent skill increase, type skill_name_=X and X also stands for the points. Here is a list of skill names: 

  • Royal Demeanor: composure, elegance, presence
  • Conversation: public_speaking, court_manners, flattery
  • Expression: decoration, instrument, voice_skill
  • Agility: dance, reflexes, flexibility
  • Weapons: swords, archery, polearms
  • Athletics: running, climbing, swimming
  • Animal Handling: horses, dogs, falcons
  • History: novan_history, foreign_affairs, world_history
  • Intrigue: internal_affairs, foreign_intelligence, ciphering
  • Medicine: herbs, battlefield_medicine, poison
  • Economics: accounting, trade, production
  • Military: strategy, naval_strategy, logistics
  • Faith: meditation, divination, lore
  • Lumen: sense_magic, resist_magic, wield_magic

Outfit Unlocking Codes

Unlocking outfits require the player to raise skills in a certain category to above 25. The code for it is unlocked_outfits.add(‘Outfit Name’) and you should substitute Outfit Name for the name of the outfit you desire. Check out the following to find the name of outfits in the game: 

  • Royal Demeanor
  • Conversation
  • Expression
  • Agility
  • Weapons
  • Athletics
  • Animal Handling
  • History
  • Intrigue
  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Military
  • Faith
  • Lumen

Mood Changing Codes

To change the characters’ mood, use the code inc_mood() and mood could be replaced by angry, afraid, cheerful, depressed, willful, yielding, lonely and pressured. After you finish, the mood will be increased by 1 but there is no way to decrease it. If you need to decrease a mood, increase the opposite one, for example, an increase in Angry decreases Afraid. 

Does Long Live The Queen have multiple endings? 

In the game, different choices lead to different endings. Among the endings, the ones in which Elodie is involved with Brin appear to be the least disastrous ones. 

Is Long Live The Queen available on consoles? 

The game was released on popular consoles including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, …

How many weeks are there in Long Live The Queen? 

There are 40 weeks in this game and it aligns with the game’s end goal. The story of this game follows a princess training to become a queen and your mission is to keep her alive for 40 weeks.

How do I unlock Lumen in Long Live The Queen? 

Compared to other skills, Lumen features unique requirements: you can only get it after Elodie gets her crystal and magic tutor. 

What genre is Long Live The Queen? 

It can be described as a simulation game that contains the gameplay of a visual novel. Choices matter in this game since they deeply influence the outcomes. 

How old is Long Live The Queen? 

Released in 2012 through a cooperation between Hanako Games and Ratalaika Games, Long Live The Queen is 10 years old. At the time of release, this game was only available for PC but it was ported to consoles in 2022. 

Tips And Tricks

  • The game objective is to keep the future queen safe, so you should probably stay inside the castle. Wandering outside of the castle might get Elodie killed. 
  • Powering up is important in this game so concentrate on learning magic. It’s a good idea to rush accounting so that magical powers can be attained as soon as possible. 
  • Want to bypass some early checks? Immediately put 10 points in Court Manners and Military. 
  • If you want to keep the kingdom safe, invest in Military skills and Agility. However, it is not worth putting points into Naval so save them for others. 

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