SOLVED! KOTOR Crashes After Character Creation

Regarding Star Wars games, different fans often have different opinions but most deem Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) to be a solid title. Designed with excellent visuals, sounds, characters, … KOTOR is a game that could provide hours upon hours of entertainment. That being said, the Star Wars game is not free of faults and the crashing is a prince example. Noteworthily, in a number of cases, KOTOR crashes after character creation and prevents players from even getting a glance at the gameplay.

Causes And Solutions

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So you have a hard time getting through the character creation screen of KOTOR as the game keeps crashing? Then it’s suggested that you take a look at this article. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind about the crashing of the Star Wars game following character creation.

The Root Of The Problem

Quite a few factors affect the performance of KOTOR but if it crashes after character creation, you should give the following possibilities some thought.


In general, KOTOR is a stable game but reports of KOTOR going haywire out of the blue still pop up from time to time. Usually, hiccups in the Star Wars game don’t impact gameplay too much so there is no need to worry about them. Nonetheless, sometimes, KOTOR hiccups may make the game crash outright and the character creation screen is a well-known crashing point. Thus, while troubleshooting crashes in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), you have to add hiccups to your list of suspects.

Corrupted Game Files

To put it plainly, KOTOR is a collection of files and each of the files handle specific operations. That means the Star Wars game could only run as designed if its files remain free of corruption. In the case that the files become corrupted, it’s impossible for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to perform satisfactorily. At best, KOTOR you would come across all sorts of oddities as you play and at worst, the game is going to crash.


Needless to say, the contemporary version of KOTOR is not the same as the original released back in the early 2000s. To refine features, address bugs and so on, designers of the Star War game have released a series of updates over the years. Assuming that your version of KOTOR is up-to-date, you should be able to play the game with relative ease. On the other hand, if you play an obsolete version of the Star Wars game, the odds of crashing tend to be high.


For personalization, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic allow players to apply a wide range of changes to settings. If you configure the settings to match the specifications of your computer, it’s a breeze to optimize your gaming experience. Still, it’s worth pointing out that the game would crash if you mess up the settings. Because of that, if  KOTOR crashes after character creation, it’s a good idea to take settings into account.


Nothing is out of the ordinary with the Star Wars game? In that case, your computer may be responsible for the crashing. For instance, if you run multiple programs besides KOTOR, the stretching of resources could result in crashes. In addition, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic don’t work well with integrated graphic cards. If your computer uses an integrated graphic card, running KOTOR on it is going to be tricky.

How To Put An End To The Crashing

All in all, crashing after character creation is the source of frustration of many KOTOR but fixes exist. If you like to get through the crashing as soon as possible, it’s strongly recommended that you try out these measures.


As an effective and efficient solution for various bugs, restart shows up in many troubleshooting guides that tackle crashes in KOTOR. Following a restart, bugs that plague the Star Wars game should go away which lets you play the game in peace. Hence, it’s widely advised that you restart your computer if you cannot advance beyond the character creation screen due to crashes. Of course, before restarting, you must save all of your work-in-progress on the screen unless you want to redo everything from the beginning.

Get Rid Of The Corruption 

About corrupted game files, it’s wise to uninstall and reinstall the game to eliminate the corruption. If the whole “uninstallation and reinstallation” deal isn’t appealing to you, you could resort to alternatives. For example, if you play KOTOR on Steam, it’s suggested that you verify integrity of game files. The verification would root out the corruption in the files of your Star Wars game with relative ease.


In the beginning, you need to determine what version of KOTOR you have on your computer. Next, use your web browser to look up the latest version of the Star Wars game available for download. In the case that your version is up-to-date, feel free to move on to the next fix. However, if your version of KOTOR is obsolete, it’s essential to update the game at the earliest opportunity.

Reconfigure The Settings Of KOTOR 

Launch KOTOR, visit Options then disable All Shadows, Grass and Frame Buffer Effects. Additionally, you may want to change the resolution of the display screen to match that of the game. Afterward, you should go to the character creation screen, create your character and proceed to the game. If the opening cutscene starts up, you could play the game at last.

Check Out The Computer

Aside from KOTOR, close all programs on your computer including the ones that run in the background. To be thorough, use Task Manager to close the programs. ( By doing so, you would be able to ensure that nothing competes with the Star Wars game for resources. Your computer uses an integrated graphics card? Then you have to perform the following steps to put an end to the crashing.

  • Step 1: Open the KOTOR .ini file in KOTOR’s game folder with an text editor
  • Step 2: Change “fullscreen=1″ into “fullscreen=0”
  • Step 3: Add “AllowWindowedMode=1” under the Graphics settings
  • Step 4: Close KOTOR .ini
  • Step 5: Launch the game

Is KOTOR A Heavy Game?

Back in the old days, KOTOR was a heady game but compared to today’s standards for computer titles, it’s light. That means there is no need to delete anything substantial on your computer to make room for the Star Wars game.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Finish KOTOR?

If you focus on the objective, you should be able to beat the game within thirty hours. It’s noteworthy that the playtime could exceed forty five hours if you plan to experience everything that the game offers.

Do I Have To Play/Watch Anything Before Playing KOTOR?

At the moment, there is no need to check out any material to grasp Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. As a result, you could play the game to your heart’s content once the installation wraps up.

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