SOLVED! Killing Floor 2 Commando Guide

Looking for a Killing Floor 2 Commando guide that tells you how to play the class effectively and efficiently? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could show you everything that you must keep in mind while playing as Commando in Killing Floor 2. Continue reading to be able to increase your odds of victory. 

Commando In Killing Floor 2: Compilation 


Among the classes in Killing Floor 2, Commando is one of the more flexible ones. In a match, the Commando carries a wide range of weapons including pistols, shotguns, grenade launchers and so on. As a weapon specialist, the Commando needs little time to take down weak mutants. However, the Commando prefers firepower over precision so you should close the distance before opening up if possible. 


The role of Commando is to serve as the squad’s eagle eye and feed the team information. Also, Commando excels at revealing stalkers to the team which enables quick elimination. 


Generally speaking, Commando can dispatch weak mutants in mere moments thanks to abundant ammunition supply and fast fire rate. The assault rifle could often make short work of enemies that stand in the way of the team. Besides that, grenades of the Commando prove to be excellent choices to neutralize a dense population of Zeds.


All in all, the Commando lacks suitable weapons to handle big mutants. As a result, to kill strong enemies and stay alive, Commando must work alongside other members of the team. 

Levels And Experience

You gain class experience whenever you use class weapons to kill Zeds. Once you have enough experience points, you will advance one class level. Every level you gain is accompanied by small improvements in movement speed, damage output, etc. 


There are five perk categories for Commando in Killing Floor 2: Ammo Management, Tactics, Survival, Weapon Specialist and Advanced Training.

  • Ammo Management: This perk focuses on helping you manage your ammunition supply by providing options linked to reloading ammo. 
  • Tactics: This perk provides tactical improvements as it pushes the Commando towards higher damage potential for pistol and knife. 
  • Survival: This perk gives you the opportunity to increase your durability in the game. It can take the form of health, armor bonuses, increased ammo capacity for particular weapons and so on. 
  • Weapon Specialist: The moment you reach level 20 in the class, you could become a weapon specialist. This perk boosts the damage ability, grants large magazine capacity, …. If you have a 30% boost in your damage ability, you’ll be delivering more damage with every shot. (Phentermine)  
  • Advanced Training: This perk contributes to your primary objective of maximizing the amount of time your ZED lasts. For Commandos, it also increases the ability to shoot faster due to their magazine sizes by default and via perks. 

Tips And Tricks

Reload Before Buying More Ammo

In Killing Floor 2, you have time to visit a trader in between waves that let you buy weapons, armor, extra ammunition, etc. If you reload before buying more ammo, it saves you a lot of money over time.

Search For New Equipment

During the breaks between waves, search the map for new equipment. Of course, you always have the option of buying from the trader but that costs money.  Once you know how to read maps, you could quickly locate the spot that holds new equipment. 

Lend Out A Hand

Every time a Zen dies in Killing Floor 2, everyone who participated in killing it receives experience points. Therefore, it is beneficial to assist other players.

Don’t Allow Bosses To Heal

Zed bosses like The Patriarch and Dr. Hans Volter have self-healing abilities. Needless to say, if bosses keep healing, the battle could get quite hard. The rule of thumb while fighting such bosses is to follow them around and stop them from healing. Keep track of the bosses, inflict a steady amount of damage and they should go down before long. 

Master More Than Once Weapon

In case you don’t know, each weapon in the game sports its own stat. It’s wise to keep an eye out for new weapons as you’ll gain access to the bonuses when Perk levels up. 

Share The Wealth 

Share cash you don’t need between team members. Everyone needs to be well-stocked for the team to prevail so identify each other’s needs and finance their purchases. 

Use Pistol On Weaker Zeds

Using the right gun for the right enemy is the key to survival. Weak Zeds should go down in a blink of an eye if you score headshots with your pistol. Save strong weapons and associated ammunition for challenging enemies.


Should I pick up Killing Floor 2?

Killing Floor 2 is an excellent game for killing time. You won’t grow bored despite the repetitive nature of the game. You play with a different team on a different each time; therefore, your experience is going to be refreshing. 

Is Killing Floor 2 a difficult game?

Compared to Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2 is more intense and features extensively overhauled gameplay. The enemies are quick and strong which makes the game more challenging as players work together to survive.

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