Kenshi Mod Load Order

Quite a few factors affect the performance of mods in Kenshi but in terms of influence, Kenshi mod load order is second to none. If you mess up the load order, you would have a hard time getting mods to work as expected in Kenshi. New to modding and don’t know what a sound mod load order looks like? Then this article is going to be of use to you. (thedentalspa)  

Loading Mods In Kenshi: Summary 

The Principles Of Modding 

All in all, by taking advantage of mods, you could customize aspects of Kenshi to your liking. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to Kenshi mod load order, there is a chance that some of the mods may overwrite others. At best, the overwriting of mods would prevent you from enjoying the game to the fullest. At worst, the game could crash out of the blue which ruins the experience. 

The Ideal Load Order 

Different players have different ideas about Kenshi mod load order but if you care about stability, load mods in the following order:

  • UI, graphics and performance mods: 
    • Mods related to the world texture.
    • Mods that affect the weather effects.
    • Ground Clutter and Foliage mods.
    • Map mods.
    • UI mods.
  • Animations.
  • New races and race edit mods:
    • Mods that unlock base game races.
    • Additional races.
    • Mods that change the race cosmetics like hair, eyes and body.
    • Mods that edit the stats of the base game races as well as races added via mods.
  • Game start mods:
    • Game start mods.
    • Recruit mods.
    • Mods that add new animals.
    • Mods that support new animal features like armour, backpacks, etc. 
    • Overwrite mods for minor characters.
  • Mods editing factions and adding simple things:
    • Small edits of minor factions, for example, the spawn mechanics.
    • Minor factions’ additions like bounties.
    • Mods that add new minor factions.
  • Mods linked with buildings:
    • Additions of minor buildings.
    • Small changes in furniture.
    • Moderate standalone building mods like wooden watchtowers.
    • Mods that add dummies and furniture.
    • Mods that overhaul buildings.
    • Stats editing mods.
    • Mechanics editing mods.
  • Equipment mods:
    • Standalone armour and weapon mods.
    • Bigger packs containing weapons and armour.
    • Mods that add weapons for particular factions.
    • Overhauled weapon and armour mods.
    • Mods that influence the weapon crafting list.
  • Mods that overhaul and create big changes or additions to the world:
    • Minor factions’ additions like adventurer’s guild, small town, etc. 
    • Items overhaul.
    • Overhauls of weapons and armour that can be seen in quests, locations and bosses.
    • Mods with the ability to edit a section of the map.
    • Faction overhauls.
    • A complete overhaul of the world (it is wise to use only one mod).
    • Mechanic and item overhauls.
    • Total overhaul.
  • Patches.
  • Economy.


Will there be another Kenshi game? 

Yes and it is currently in development by the same company that made Kenshi, Lo-Fi Games. The name of the new game is Kenshi 2 and it occurs 1,000 years prior to the first game, in a post-apocalyptic world with advanced technologies. 

Is it possible to play Kenshi alone? 

Yes but prepare to face many difficulties and there may be things that you cannot beat. 

Do the game developers still update Kenshi? 

The game can be considered finished so no new updates will come out in the future. That being said, players can expect some of the Kenshi 2’s features to be ported to the first game. Nothing is set in stone yet though as the development of Kenshi 2 should take a lot of time. 

What is the role of water in Kenshi? 

Water is vital for raising crops as well as producing various other items. Water cannot be used as a consumable to prevent dehydration or help in cooling the character. 

Does Kenshi have a goal? 

In essence, no. Therefore, feel free to make a goal for yourself such as eliminating an empire, capturing cities, etc. 

Does gender influence the in-game experiences? 

The answer is no as gender just affects the visual aspects of your characters. 

Can starvation end a character’s life? 

The frequency of passing out increases along with the decrease in the hunger meter. Eventually, your characters could die because of starvation. 

Can the prisoners escape in my absence? 

Yes but that is only possible if you put prisoners in random locked buildings as the prisoners can break through doors. If you have nothing to worry about if you lock prisoners in cages. 

Is there a way to become a king in Kenshi? 

No and Kenshi does not even allow you to take over the control of towns. Still, you may still eradicate every other army in the world and rule the land with a huge army.

Will animals die from old age in Kenshi? 

Animals do get old and become elders as time passes by but they won’t die from old age. 

Does pickpocketing exist in Kenshi? 

It does but only sleeping and unconscious people can be pickpocketed. Additionally, it’s possible to steal from containers as well. 

Which city is the biggest in Kenshi? 

In Kenshi, the biggest city and also the capital of the United Cities is Heft. You can find it in the southern part of The Great Desert. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Fighting with animals to gain experience points is ill-advised since some of them could eat you if you lose.
  • Before getting into battle, leave at least one person of your squad behind to stabilize and carry injured squadmates to beds.
  • Need to make a quick buck? Just turn on jobs and repeatedly shift-click on a copper resource to start auto-mining it. 
  • Use the right backpacks for the right jobs. For example, regular backpacks work well if you have to carry equipment for casual uses while trader ones can stack items. If you want to move multiple items around for trading, stick to trader backpacks.

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