SOLVED! Is Gang Beasts Split Screen?

In discussions about the multiplayer party game Gang Beasts, it’s not uncommon to see people asking “is Gang Beasts split screen?”. While Gang Beasts lacks a true split screen feature, its shared screen mode more than makes up for that. You want to learn more about Gang Beasts as well as the shared screen? In that case, you have come to the right place.

Split Screen Vs. Shared Screen

As mentioned above, in Gang Beasts, there is no split screen that divides the screen into parts and lets different players play in different parts. That means regarding the question “is Gang Beasts split screen? ( ”, the answer is “No”. Still, Gang Beasts possesses a shared screen mode in which all players play using the same screen. By taking advantage of the shared screen mode, Gang Beasts players could play together whenever and wherever they like.

Setting Up The Shared Screen Mode: Summary

  • Step 1: Make sure that the game is properly installed on your PC.
  • Step 2: Go to the main menu, select the “local” option to host a game and let others join.
  • Step 3: All players that want to play must connect their controllers to your PC.
  • Step 4: Choose from a list of characters.
  • Step 5: Start once everyone is ready on the selected map.

Tips And Tricks

Keep Moving

In Gang Beasts, staying on a spot for too long is ill-advised as you will become a target, especially to those who have teamed up. Your best bet is to keep moving and get to sports where it will take lots of work for other players to reach you.

Beware Of Hanging Players 

A typical trick used by experienced players in Gang Beasts is to hang to a ledge using one hand and pretend to be in a vulnerable situation. That is a bait and if you attack such players, they could knock you off instead. Therefore, the best thing to do is allow hanging players to fall by themselves.

Pay Attention To Costumes 

The ability to choose costumes is one of the appeals of Gang Beasts but you must remember that clothes have their merits and demerits. For instance, Rhino onesie costume doubles headbutt damage while the Luchador leotard costume makes it hard for opponents to grab on. To optimize the odds of victory, you should give costume thought.

Hold Your Ground 

During battles, you could either fight back or jump away from the attacker. It is ok to hop around several times to escape dangers but don’t abuse it. Your opponent could grab your leg and slam you to the ground. That is why outside of emergencies, it’s a good idea to stand your ground.

Go For The Grab 

While punching deals solid damages, grabbing allows you to wrap up battles quickly. While being grabbed, your opponents cannot dish out attacks effectively and efficiently. Also, it’s possible to grab opponents and drop them down from heights.

Don’t Knock Yourself Out

In Gang Beasts, fights often descend into chaos and players knocking themselves out by mistake is one of the outcomes. As a result, before you start running around and thrashing your fists wildly, know your targets.

Avoid Getting Cornered

Despite the vastness of Gang Beast’s landscapes, it’s easy to be cornered and get clobbered. If possible, you should stay in the open and look for an exit to make a quick getaway.

Exploit The Map Hazards

In Gang Beasts, every map contains types of hazards that would eliminate players in a heartbeat. By mastering the hazards on each map, you could avoid getting knocked out early on and get rid of opponents at the same time.

Learn To Escape A Grip

In Gang Beasts, getting grabbed usually results in elimination if players don’t know how to escape.  To free yourself from a grip, jump continuously toward the opposite direction of the one that grabs you. Besides that, it won’t hurt to headbutt repeatedly to slam the grabber to the ground.


Does Gang Beasts support crossplay?

Gang Beasts supports crossplay between players on macOS and PC via the Steam platform.

Is Gang Beasts suitable for kids?

Gang Beasts is rated PEGI7; only kids under 7 years are excluded from playing it since it doesn’t include scenes of scary creatures, injury, etc.

Can I play Gang Beasts via web browsers?

You can play the free online version of Gang Beasts on your web browser via the Arcade Spot website.

What year was Gang Beast released?

Gang Beast was released by the British Indie studio Boneloaf on August 29, 2014.

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