How To Run KOTOR In Windowed Mode

All in all, since not everyone enjoys playing Star War: Knights of the Old Republic in fullscreen mode, how to run KOTOR in windowed mode is a frequently asked question. You want to run KOTOR in windowed mode as well but don’t know what must be done? In that case, you should find this article helpful.

Running KOTOR In Windowed Mode: Instructions

In discussions about how to run KOTOR in windowed mode, modifying the swKOTOR.ini file is the preferred choice of most players. Go through the steps down below to modify the .ini file and force KOTOR to run in windowed mode.

  • Step 1: Go to KOTOR game folder, find the swKOTOR.ini file and open it using NotePad.
  • Step 2: Scroll down to [Graphics Options], add AllowWindowedMode=1 then change the value of FullScreen from 1 to 0. You should use the opportunity to change the value of Height and Width to match your desired resolution too. (Lowpricebud) After you finish, save the file.
  • Step 3: Launch the game.

Note: Assuming that things proceed smoothly, KOTOR is going to run in windowed mode from now on. Still, in times of need, you could change between windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing Alt + Enter.

Tips And Tricks

Take Note Of The In-Game Texts

As you progress through the game, you should take note of the in-game messages as they usually contain essential details. You could receive a new ability while playing but will miss out on using it if you don’t pay attention to messages.

Be Wise While Using Grenades 

Unlike guns which deliver results quickly, grenades take a while to detonate once used. As a result, it’s a good idea to work on the timing of grenades whenever you have the chance. Also, as you advance alongside team members, don’t use grenades carelessly and damage allies.

Go For Melee Attacks

Ranged attacks let you stay away from dangers but melee attacks deal more damages. Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, you should unleash melee attacks to bring down enemies quickly.

Spend Some Time Experimenting 

KOTOR sports quite a few builds for characters so it won’t hurt to experiment from time to time. By doing so, you could determine which build suits you most.

Keep Skills In Mind

While creating your character, make sure that you nail the skills. Common skills include repair, use of computers, awareness, persuasion, security, treating injury, stealth, demolitions, … Every player can pick up to eight skills so get ones that supplement your playstyle.

Give Feats Some Thought 

Like skills, feats must be chosen during character creation and provide unique perks. For instance, the Dwelling perk is a solid perk for newcomers as it grants extra attack and defense stats. Another perk that comes in handy is the Toughness perk which gives extra hit points on level up.

Save Every Now And Then 

In Star Wars: KOTOR, relying on the autosave alone could lead to a number of issues down the line. Hence, to gain control over your playthrough, you should save regularly.

Use Level Ups For Free Healing

In KOTOR, it’s possible to decide when to level up and health replenishes every time your character levels up. As a result, it’s possible to use level up to heal for free and save medical kits.


How long does it take to complete KOTOR?

It takes an average of 29 hours to complete the main objective in Star Wars: KOTOR. For completionist players that want to see every part of the game, a playthrough could last up to 47 hours.

Is there an inventory limit in KOTOR?

The starting inventory limit is 30 slots and it increases continuously until you have 80 slots.

Could starting class dictate a KOTOR playthrough?

Yes, it could. The ease of you progressing through the game depends on the class you select. Starting class also determines the bulk of your skills and how you play the game until you become a Jedi.

What is the best class in KOTOR?

The Scout class is considered the best in Star Wars: KOTOR. By choosing the Scout class, you could diversify your skills effectively and efficiently.

What are the endings in KOTOR?

There are three possible endings in KOTOR; Two for the light side and one for the dark side.

Light side:

  • Ending 1: The player falls in love with Bastila, the player defeats Malak and everyone is happy.
  • Ending 2: The player and Bastila do not fall in love, Bastilla is redeemed or killed, the player beats Malak and everyone is happy

Dark side:

  • The player abandons the light side, proceed to slaughter more than half of his crew and Bastila agrees to join to eliminate Malak. The Sith conquers the Republic then the player ascends to the position of Sith lord.

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