Grim Dawn Loot Filter

So you like Grim Dawn of Icon Lore Entertainment but have a hard time sorting items in your inventory? In that case, you should find the Grim Dawn loot filter to be useful. By taking advantage of the filter you can effectively and efficiently manage items. Read to the end if you want to make use of the loot filter the next time you play Grim Dawn.

An Analysis Of The Loot Filter

Overall, RPG adventure games usually provide hours of entertainment if people know how to keep things organized. As you progress in games like Grim Dawn, you will notice that the more items you pick up, the trickier it is to manage the inventory

There is a mechanism that lets you manually collect items then stack them based on your taste. However, considering the number of loots in the game, it’s tedious if you rely on stacking alone. Unless you know what must be done, you will spend as much time playing the game as you will spend organizing your inventory. If you ignore the items, they will keep piling up on parts of your screen which prove annoying.

In a number of games that contain multiple loots, players have to opt for third-party mods to manage their inventory. Luckily, in the case of Grim Dawn, you do not need mods to manage your inventory since there is a built-in loot filter. Grim Dawn loot filter is a feature that helps you automate the process of stacking your loot. Therefore, the filter makes it easy for you to access items whenever and wherever you need to. 

Loot filter has been part of the game right from the pre-release version. Originally, the filter was part of the options in the menu section in the full version, it was transferred to the health bar section.

How Loot Grim Dawn Loot Filter Works

The loot filter in Grim Dawn is designed in four levels with succeeding filters being subsets of preceding ones. That means the subfilters of filters you have turned off will not be visible as you check its column. (Ambien) To get an idea about how Grim Dawn loot filters work, here is what you should know:

The parent filter in Grim Dawn, which serves as the global filter, is Quality and Type filter. Which means it is the filter under which every other filter exists. Every other item on the loot list will go missing when turned off. Technically, it only serves as a filter under which other filters are arranged so it is not counted among the four.

  • The first filter contains a list of filters such as Common, Magic and Show Epic/Legendaries filter. The Common and Magic filter contains all items that do not have unique characteristics. The other filter is Show Epic/Legendaries where special items you acquire while playing the game are stored. If you have earned enough sophisticated loot, you can leave  Show Epic/Legendaries on while keeping Common and Magic filters off.
  • The second filter on the Grim Dawn filter’s list contains a sublist of specific items such as armours, weapons and more options. You can quickly go through each of the filters, check things you need/uncheck things you don’t need. For example, if you have no plan to use shields, you can uncheck the shield option so that all the shields can be hidden.
  • The third filter is the damage and character filter that allows the sorting of items based on the type of damage they can handle.  For example, if your swords are turned on in the previous filter and you are only interested in swords with bleeding enabled, feel free to uncheck the other forms of damages and leave only the bleeding option checked.
  • The fourth filter allows you to sort through additional options such as resistance and masteries. Uncheck the categories that no longer interest you and leave the ones you desire checked.

Note: Some players have had issues clicking the “only show Double Rare”  option. What that does is it hides every other item on the list and shows only double rare items. Therefore, if your Quality and Type option is turned on and you can’t find the filters, uncheck the “only show Double Rare” box.

What Is Grim Dawn?

Grim Dawn is a PC-based role-playing game created and developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. It serves as the successor to Titan Quest published previously by the same company. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Grim Dawn is designed with an upgraded version of tools used by Titan Quest.

Does Grim Dawn Have Sweet Loot?

The developers of Grim Dawn made lots of improvements in terms of the randomization system and item drop by providing rare, custom-made and unique bonuses available to players. The item dropping system has also been improved to reduce the clustering of loot around the screen. It also has an improved item crafting system based on rare crafting components and collectible recipes.

What Are Character Classes In Grim Dawn?

There are six different skill classes in Grim Dawn, and each of them has several skill trees. With the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, you can get two additional skill classes. Grim Dawn allows a player the luxury of combining any two different skill classes of their choice, making it possible to use skill trees of the classes. This makes it impossible to max out the skills, giving you endless opportunities to explore. In addition, there is another deeper layer of customization known as Devotion, which provides players with access to Celestial Powers, which are more powerful skill effects.

Is Grim Dawn Based On History/Mythology?

It is not based on either. Grim Dawn is a fictional plot inspired by certain world elements during the Victorian Era but not based on mythological or historical events. The story is original, full of unique characters and rich history.

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