Fallout 4 Setstage Not Working

If you notice Fallout 4 setstage not working, there is a chance that you might have messed up the command and you must correct it. Besides that, since Fallout 4 is known for glitching out all of a sudden, you should consider restarting when console commands won’t work. If you use mods to customize gaming experience, it’s a good idea to disable mods. Read to the end to get the setstage command working. 

Getting Fallout 4 Setstage To Work: Suggestions

Correct Command

In the beginning, make sure that your command is correct (Setstage, not set stage). Additionally, you may want to check out the ID. Nowadays, a lot of sites host quest IDs for Fallout 4 quests. It’s worth pointing out that you could find out the ID of a quest by yourself as well.

  • Step 1: Launch Steam then log into your account.
  • Step 2: Go to Library, locate Fallout 4 and launch it.
  • Step 3: Go to the quest location, hit the “~” button on your keyboard to open the console and run the command: help <the name of the quest> 0. You would be able to find the quest ID among the information provided.

Note: The setstage command lean towarding skipping bugged quests. Hence, if you want to restart a certain quest in Fallout 4, use the resetquest command instead of the setstage command.


  • Step 1: Exit Fallout 4
  • Step 2: Close Steam
  • Step 3: Restart your computer
  • Step 4: When the screen comes back on, launch Fallout 4 in Steam, run the setstage command and see how things turn out.

Disable Mods

If you have downloaded and installed Fallout 4 mods, you should disable all the mods then re-enable them one by one. By doing so, you could locate the troublemaker, get rid of it and run the setstage command one more time.

Note: On occasions, it’s wise to reload an old save. That results in lost progress but in exchange, you should be able to run the setstage command smoothly.

The Usual Suspects


In layman’s terms, console commands only work if people manage to nail the structure. For most of the time, it only takes one structure error for console commands to fail to perform as expected. For instance, if you use the wrong quest ID, there is no way for setstage command to produce the desired result. Hence, once it comes to  Fallout 4 setstage not working, you should take command into account.


Despite its success, Fallout 4 is by no means a well-polished title and many people complain about glitches. When the game glitches out, a lot of processes would run into complications. Hence, if you cannot get the setstage command working, you have to add glitch to your list of suspects


Generally speaking, mods allow gamers to alter aspects of Fallout 4 to their liking but they could lead to interference. Unable to run the setstage command time and again? In that case, it’s wise to give mods some thought.

Lessons For Novice Players

  • Beware The Waters: The Fallout 4 world suffers from radiation pollution due to the nuclear fallout. The radiation also hits water bodies in Fallout 4 so if you enter them, drink radiated water and so on, your character’s health will drop. 
  • Save Stimpacks: Most of the damage you sustain in the game could be recovered by sleeping in a bed outside of combat. Hence, you should save stimpacks for emergencies. 
  • Keep A Melee Weapon Around: Fallout 4 tempts you to use guns for every battle but you don’t actually need to do so. Ammo is scarce and not all rounds you collect share the same caliber. Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you put a melee weapon into your inventory. That will allow you to deal damage even when your guns run dry. 
  • Don’t Abuse Drugs: While drugs provide temporary boosts to your character, excessive usage usually results in addiction. If you abuse drugs, your character is going to suffer from withdrawal effects. 

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