Fallout 4 Preston Not Giving Quests

Once it comes to Fallout 4 Preston not giving quests, you likely have uncompleted quests so you must take care of them. Furthermore, glitches may be at fault on occasions so you should visit a bed to sleep. Considering the effects of mods on the performance of the game, it’s wise to disable and re-enable mods as well. Last but not least, you could use the console to reset Preston

Preston Won’t Give Quests in Fallout 4: Possibilities

Uncompleted Quests 

Generally speaking, if you have uncompleted Minutemen quests and you ask Preston for new quests, he won’t give you one. You have yet to complete previous quests in the Minutemen questline? In that case, there is no way to get more quests and advance through the questline. 


Despite its success, Fallout 4 is not exactly a well-polished game and people come across glitches from time to time. The moment the game glitches out, many mechanics could go haywire. Regarding Preston and Minutemen questline, it’s known that if The Castle is captured too early in the game, Preston may become buggy. Unless players take action, it’s almost impossible to complete the Minutemen questline.


You could use mods to alter aspects of Fallout 4 to your preferences but it’s not uncommon for mods to create problems. Sometimes, the presence of mods would mess up NPC interaction and Fallout 4 Preston not giving quests is one of the consequences. Thus, if you have trouble getting Preston to give you Minutemen quests, give mods some thought. 

Actions To Take

Check Out The Quests

If you have no luck getting Preston to give you new quests, ensure that you don’t have uncompleted quests from the Minutemen questline. In the beginning of the game, you should complete all Sanctuary missions. After you finish the missions, Sturges will tell you that Preston may want to talk to you. At that point, you would be able to get new quests from Preston when you initiate interaction.


All in all, sleeping is one of the best fixes for glitches in Fallout 4. Hence, if you notice Fallout 4 Preston not giving quests, look for a bed then sleep for several hours. The moment your character wakes up, go talk to Preston and see how things turn out.  

Think About The Mods

You play Fallout 4 with a ton of mods? In that case, you should disable all the mods then determine whether the issue persists. If Preston gives you quests as expected, feel free to conclude that a mod is the one behind everything. To be throough, re-enable mods one by one, locate the troublemaker and uninstall it.

Take Advantage Of The Console 

  • Step 1: Launch Fallout 4, find Preston and stand in front of him.
  • Step 2: Open the console by pressing the “~” button then run the command “SetStage 003a457 0”.
  • Step 3: Get quests from Preston like normal. 


  • Step 1: Launch Fallout 4, find Preston and stand in front of him.
  • Step 2: Open the console by pressing the “~” button, click Preston and run the command “recycleactor”.
  • Step 3: Get quests from Preston like normal. 

Load An Old Save

If none of the above work, you have no choice but to load an old save and hope that Preston is not buggy in that save. Loading an old save results in loss of progress but in exchange, you could advance the Minutemen questline. 

Rules Of The Game

  • Learn to read rail signs: Being able to read rail signs helps a lot if you want to pick up goodies in Fallout 4. Those from The Railroad set up cryptic signposts that point to drops and caches. Also, the signs could warn you of dangers ahead.
  • Pay attention to ammo: Regardless of your choice of weapons, you should pick up all ammo you come across while exploring early in the game. In the post-apocalyptic world, ammo costs a lot and trading away rounds you don’t need lets you make a quick buck. Of course, do not sell ammo your guns use. 
  • Take advantage of VATS: In VATS mode (Vault Assisted Targeting System), your character is able to accurately shoot enemies multiple times. Hence, by relying on VAS during combat, you not only save ammo but also minimize the odds of enemies attacking back. 

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