Fallout 4 Objects Disappearing

If you notice Fallout 4 objects disappearing out of the blue, there may have been a bug and the best solution is to save then reload. In addition, you should consider modifying the .ini files, checking out the mods, verifying integrity of game files, uninstalling and reinstalling Fallout 4, etc. Unable to carry out the solutions on your own?

In that case, this article could help you out.  

A List Of Solutions

Save Then Reload 

In the beginning, you should save your progress but as a precaution, save in an empty slot instead of overwriting the current save. Next, exit to the main menu, reload the save you recently made and see how things turn out. If there is nothing out of the ordinary, you could play like normal. Otherwise, proceed to reload old saves until you locate one in which objects don’t disappear and use it to play.

Modify The .INI Files

  • Step 1: Go to Fallout 4 then locate three .ini files:Fallout4.ini, Fallout4custom.ini, and Fallout4preferences.ini.
  • Step 2: Open each of the .ini files then add the following lines under General:
    • bUseCombinedObjects=1
    • bUsePreCreatedSCOL=1
    • bPreCulledObjectsEnabled=1
  • Step 3: Save the changes, close the files and launch the game.

Note: The lines already exist in the files? Then all you have to do is to change the value from 0 to 1.

Check Out The Mods

For your information, it’s possible to use mods to change various aspects of Fallout 4 and achieve a customized gaming experience. However, for the mods to perform to their full potential, it’s essential to load them in the right order. You usually play Fallout 4 with a ton of mods? In that case, take a look at the load order and determine whether the position of every mod is correct.

On occasions, it won’t hurt to disable all the mods then re-enable them one-by-one. The process takes time and effort but it would let you identify the troublemaker.

Verify Integrity Of Game Files 

  • Step 1: Open Steam, log into your account and go to Library.
  • Step 2: Look for Fallout 4, right-click it and pick Properties.
  • Step 3: Select Local Files tab, choose Verify Integrity of Game Files and let the process run from start to finish.
  • Step 4: Launch the game.

Uninstall And Reinstall 

None of the above works? Then your last resort is to uninstall and reinstall Fallout 4. For the best result, make sure that you delete all traits of the game during the uninstallation.

The Usual Suspects

Despite its success on the market, Fallout 4 is by no means a well-polished game and complaints about bugs appear from time to time. In the case of Fallout 4 objects disappearing, it’s strongly recommended that you give the following suspects some thought: 

  • Bugs
  • Configuration
  • Mods
  • Game


What are the rarest items in Fallout 4? 

In terms of rarity, Aeternus, Leopard Print Bandana and The Striker occupy the top spots. Other items that could be tricky to get consist of Poisoned Wine, 2076 World Series Baseball Bat, Lieutenant’s Hat, HalluciGen Gas Grenade, Bathrobe, …

What is the perfectly preserved pie? 

The perfectly preserved pie is a consumable item that restores 30 health points once used. Unlike many other food items in the game, the pie is free of radiation. You could acquire the perfectly preserved pie in every Port-A-Diner. You need some luck to pick up the pie though: If you have 10 Luck, your chance of getting the pie in the 1st attempt is 2% but don’t lose hope as the odds improve. 

How does Luck work in Fallout 4? 

The Luck stat in Fallout 4 directly influences the recharge rate of the Critical Hit meter. Lucky also indirectly affects the amount of caps and ammos found. 

Is it wise to pick everything up in Fallout 4? 

If you love building settlements, grab everything including junk. If you are into trading, stick to bottled purified water and Mutfruits. Regardless, all items containing oil, copper, steel, and wood should be collected.  

Which crops should I grow in Fallout 4? 

The most efficient crop for making money is the Mutfruit. However, you should grow some Tato and Corn too if you have the means. 

Do I need to keep the magazines in Fallout 4? 

No, once you have picked up a magazine, the perks will belong to you forever. Hence, it does not matter if you throw the magazines away. 

Which is the most powerful unarmed weapon in Fallout 4? 

The answer is Furious Power Fist because of its incredibly high base damage. However, if you cannot obtain Furious Power Fist, alternatives exist: the Butcher’s Hook, Tesla Power Armor Fists, Extra Claw Deathclaw Gauntlet, Lead Lining Boxing Glove, etc.

How do I get the best bargains when I sell items? 

To get the most Caps, you should visit Proctor Teagan. You need to complete some quests before trading with him. 

What are the uses of gold bars in Fallout 4? 

The gold bars are not usable items. They can either be sold for 450 caps or broken down into crafting materials. 

Is there an easy way to farm fusion cores in Fallout 4? 

Head to the Prydwen’ main deck, wander around and pickpocket fusion cores from NPCs in power armors. Of course, be careful so you don’t get caught.

Additional Tips And Tricks For Fallout 4

  • Get some sleep before building anything to earn more XP. 
  • Build stores for a stream of revenue. 
  • Equip settlers with weapons and armors. 
  • Remember to set up decorations to raise happiness. 
  • Never forget assigning tasks for settlers. 
  • Grow crops immediately by fast-traveling to other locations.

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