“ERROR(2022): PCEA Patch Ticked, But PCEA Is Not Installed”

Skyrim’s “ERROR (2022): PCEA patch ticked, but PCEA is not installed” is usually the result of incompatibility between PCEA versions and can be resolved by applying changes to the patches. Other solutions for the error include uninstalling and reinstalling PCEA2, renaming the “actor” folder, etc. Continue reading if you want to get rid of the error and add custom animation to Skyrim. 

Approaches To The Situation

Change The Patches In FNIS

In layman’s terms, FNIS is going to use everything with ticked checkboxes including patches of old PCEA. You recently updated from PCEA to PCEA2? Then it’s highly likely that you still have patches for PCEA recognized by FNIS but don’t work on PCEA2. In that case, you have to look for PCEA patches, untick them and launch FNIS.

Uninstall And Reinstall PCEA2

All in all, PCEA2 is a set of data and data could be damaged, corrupted and so on over time. Thus, if FNIS reports PCEA errors time and again, it’s a good idea to uninstall and reinstall PCEA2. For good measure, you should restart your computer at the end of the process as well.

Rename The “Actor” Folder

  • Step 1: Locate FNIS and PCEA then move them both to the Skyrim game folder
  • Step 2: Head to the directory: Skyrim/Data/Meshes
  • Step 3: Find a folder named “actor” then rename it to “actors”
  • Step 4: Launch FNIS

The Root Of The Problem

The number one cause for “ERROR (2022): PCEA patch ticked, but PCEA is not installed” is PCEA2 not accepting patches made for PCEA. For your information, FNIS automatically ticks the checkboxes for old PCEA while the current version of PCEA is PCEA2. Unless you pay attention, there is a good chance that FNIS would report errors. Also, if you use PCEA, the “actor” folder must be renamed before launching FNIS.  

Best Skyrim Animation Mods

Pretty Combat Animations

The first and also the best animation mod on the list is the Pretty Combat Animations. This mod provides the players with tons of animations for each of the weapon types. Moreover, since it is easy to customize, players can choose the animations that they want to leave out. Last but not least, the installation process is simple and convenient. 

EVG Animation Variance

If you are fed up with the similarities between each character’s animations, the EVG Animation Variance should suit you. This mod will fully rework the animations of the NPCs, thus making Skyrim more realistic. It’s noteworthy that in order to run the EVG Animation Variance, you need Dynamic Animation Replacer. 

360 Movement Behavior 

The third animation mod that you should install is the 360 Movement Behavior which makes your character movement more fluid. Actions like walking, running, jumping, and swimming will look realistic if you have this mod. However, this mod can only be seen when the weapons are sheathed so that the combat is not messed up.

EVG Conditional Idles

Another animation mod that deserves mentioning is EVG Conditional Idles. This mod will make your character more realistic in situations such as cold weather, being injured, rain cover and modesty. Needless to say, the game is going to become more immersive if you add this mod to your mod list. Again, like the EVG mod, this mod requires Dynamic Animation Replacer to work as expected. 

Blocking Animation Pack

Blocking plays a key role in Skyrim’s combat so having the mod Blocking Animation Pack is a good idea. This mod will enhance the blocking animations of various weapons and make it look like your character is actually blocking incoming attacks. Finally, this mod looks great in third-person as well as first-person views.

Animated Eating Redux 

Skyrim is an action role-playing game but the RPG aspect has not been developed fully. An example of that is the eating part where the foods simply disappear with a single button press. If you want to see your character and NPCs eat something in earnest, Animated Eating Redux is a must-have. This mod’s effects can only be seen in the third-person view though. 

What Does PCEA Stand For? 

PCEA is short for PC Exclusive Animation and it can be found in Skyrim’s modding community. The name has already implied the effects of the mod: bringing character’s animations to the next levels.

What Is Nemesis PCEA? 

Nemesis PCEA can be considered as an enhancement of FNIS PCEA2. It features a totally new design and is capable of eliminating bugs haunting the PCEA while speeding up the animation changes. Moreover, if you are having a heavy load order, Nemesis PCEA helps increase the loading speed by 10 times compared with the normal PCEA. 

What Is The Use of FNIS? 

FNIS is the shortened name of Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim and it serves as an utility for Skyrim’s editions. The presence of FNIS enables mods to insert animations into the game which means that players can add new animations and replace the old ones. 

How Do I Use PCEA2? 

In the beginning, make sure that you have fundamental mods and tools (SKSE, SkyUI, FNIS 6.0, etc). Next, you must install PCEA2 which can be done either manually or with the help of NMM, MO. After you finish, launch FNIS then start Skyrim. The last thing to do is to choose the wanted Animation Folder in the MCM Mod Configuration in Skyrim. 

Can Nemesis And FNIS Be Run At The Same Time? 

This is possible but the resource requirement will be much higher than running one of them. T

What Must Be Done To Add Animations To Nemesis PCEA2? 

The first step is to install the mod manually or via a mod manager. Then the animation pack must be placed in this directory: “data/meshes/actors/character/animations/Nemesis_PCEA/<number><name of the animation pack>”. You then need to run Nemesis to be able to launch the Nemesis Engine. The last step is to select the pack in Skyrim’s MCM. (Musicmundial)  

Are Creature Animations Supported By Nemesis? 

Unfortunately, no. Nemesis supports every other animation except for the ones related to creatures.

How Many Animations Can Skyrim Support? 

There is a limit to the number of custom character animations that Skyrim can handle. For contemporary versions of Skyrim, the maximum additional animations allowed are 26,162.

Which Programming Language Is Used To Make Skyrim Mods? 

Skyrim is created based on the Creation Engine which uses Papyrus as the scripting language. Thus, the mods need to be developed using the same language.

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