Enderal Launcher Not Working

Developed as a total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda), Enderal: The Shards of Order breathes new life into the base game. Since Enderal not only overhaul features of Skyrim but also introduce new content, it’s well-received by action role-playing fans around the globe. That being said, Enderal still leaves something to be desired, especially once it comes to the launcher. Spare a bit of time to check out this article if you notice your Enderal launcher not working.

Enderal Launcher Won’t Work: Solutions

One of the last things gamers want to experience is to see the launcher of their games acting up out of the blue. Luckily, regarding Enderal launcher not working, a couple of solutions exist. 

Run As Administrator

Right-click Enderal launcher, pick Run as administrator and see how things turn out. In many cases, by taking advantage of administrator privileges, players manage to get the Enderal launcher to work as expected. 

Get Rid Of Mods

All in all, mods allow players to customize their gaming experience but they could cause a lot of hassles as well. Thus, if the Enderal launcher gives you a hard time, it’s a good idea to remove mods. 

Make Exceptions For Launcher.exe, skse_loader.exe And tes5.exe

Generally speaking, while antivirus programs keep computers out of harm’s way, it’s not uncommon for them to overreact. Overreacting antivirus programs would complicate processes on computers and the launching of Enderal launcher is not an exception. Hence, in the case that you notice Enderal launcher not working for some reason, you should take your antivirus program into account. Usually, if the antivirus program is at fault, Enderal launcher would run if you white list three files: Launcher.exe, tes5.exe and skse_loader.exe.

For ease of convenience, let’s say your antivirus program is Avast Antivirus. Go through the following steps to make exceptions for the files. 

  • Step 1: In Avast, open Menu, head to Settings and hit General.
  • Step 2: Navigate to Exceptions then provide the path to the .exe files.
  • Step 3: Confirm changes, close Avast and launch the Enderal launcher again.

Note: You only use Window Defender? In that case, you should consider deactivating ransomware protection in Window Defender.

  • Step 1: Open Windows Defender, select Virus and threat protection then choose Manage ransomware protection.
  • Step 2: Toggle the switch below Controlled folder access to “disabled”.
  • Step 3: Proceed to give the Enderal launcher one more go. 

Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

  • Step 1: Open Steam, go to the Library and right-click the game.
  • Step 2: Pick Properties then head to Local files.
  • Step 3: Hit Verify integrity of game files, wait until the process completes and determine whether the issue persists.

Uninstall And Reinstall 

If none of the above works, you have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall the game. Needless to say, you must remove all traces of game files before downloading the game again. Otherwise, the launching difficulty of the Enderal launcher may continue. 

Lessons For Novice Players

  • Make Use Of Teleport Scroll: As the name suggests, the Teleport scroll allows you to move between locations in a blink of an eye. You could stock up on Teleport scrolls by visiting Ark and Riverville. 
  • Rely On Cooked Food While Adventuring: Cooking will help you save money as it eliminates the need to buy potions in most of the cases. You can prepare your food in the inn free of charge. 
  • Use Mark And Return Spells: Mark and Return spells require a few levels in mana but they pay off handsomely. By making use of the spells, you no longer have to worry about being encumbered. For example, you can mark your location, teleport to somewhere else to sell your loots then go back to the exact location and resume playing.
  • Pick Up Everything: In the early part of this game, you will be short on cash but you can make a quick buck via trading. Hence, you should comb areas for items then sell what you don’t need. 
  • Hit Enemies From A Distance: Early in the game, your character likely cannot take a lot of punishments while enemies have no trouble weathering hits. Therefore, it’s a good idea to fight with a bow. If you like to get close, sneak up to the enemies to catch them off guard. 
  • Keep Some Skill Books Around: As you explore the wilderness, carry at least one level’s worth of skill books so that you can use them in times of need.
  • Focus On Handicraft: If you can help it, raise your handicraft level to 40 as soon as possible so you could start creating items and selling them for cash. That is an excellent way to make money in the game.
  • Keep An Eye Out For Golden Chests: There are golden chests in Myrad Towers that you can put in and take out your items regardless of their location. Dump whatever you don’t need at the moment into the chests then restock your item supplies. 
  • Create Items To Earn Points: If you are only a few points away to level up, cook food, craft weapons and so on using stuff you have in store. By doing so, you could get about 20-40 points. Still, you shouldn’t exploit that too much as it is wise to keep items on hand.

What Should I Do When My Frame Rate Keeps Dropping?

In Enderal, there are certain places where FPS usually drops, like the Myrad Tower and in front of Ark. However, if your FPS drops from time to time, decrease Object draw distance, NPC and Shadow via the visibility settings.

Can I Play Forgotten Stories With My Old Enderal Saves?

Yes, you can. However, it may not be the best gaming experience as it is prone to bugs. Thus, it is recommended that you start a new playthrough to enjoy the game.

Is It Possible To Play Forgotten Stories Without Enderal?

Not at all. Forgotten Stories is a downloadable content (DLC) of Enderal and not a standalone game. That means in order to play Forgotten Stories, you need to have Enderal.

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