“Email Address Format Is Invalid” ESO

Regarding “Email address format is invalid” ESO, the presence of special characters in the email is the number one suspect so to fix it, check out the email. Other solutions include using the Steam credentials, Bethesda account, and so on. In the case that the issue persists, you should contact customer service for instructions. Continue reading to learn what must be done. 

Causes Of The Error

All in all, The Elder Scrolls Online could use some work once it comes to explaining things to players. Still, if you come across “Email address format is invalid” ESO, it’s highly likely that your email contains special characters, empty space, etc. Aside from that, if you use an email linked to an old account back in the beta days, registration cannot proceed. Unless you take action, you would have a hard time creating an ESO account. 

A List Of Solutions

Check Out The Email 

Since Bethesda does not tolerate special characters, it is wise to determine whether your email contains such characters. If your email indeed includes special characters, you should use another email for account registration on ESO. Also, you may want to search for empty space in your email. For instance, if there is empty space at the end of your email, “Email address format is invalid” ESO is the consequence. 

Resort To Steam Login Credentials

  • Step 1: Head to the website of The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Step 2: Link the Steam account to the game’s account
  • Step 3: Use Steam username and password 

Use The Bethesda Account

In case you don’t, an email cannot be used to create multiple accounts on The Elder Scrolls Online is not an exception. You have a Bethesda account back in the beta days of ESO? Then feel free to use that account to play. 

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above works, you have no choice but to contact customer support. There is a good chance that it would take some time for customer support to get back to you. Because of that, it’s a good idea to be patient. 

Common ESO-Related Questions

Is it possible to play The Elder Scrolls Online solo? 

If you pay attention, you could complete most of the contents of ESo on your own. Exceptions exist though such as the 12 Player Trials, 4 Player Dungeons, etc.

Which one is superior: The Elder Scrolls Online or Skyrim?

Different people like different things but Skyrim is usually the winner. Unlike The Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim allows players to change aspects of the game by themselves by using mods. 

Does The Elder Scrolls Online have a storyline? 

Yes, The Elder Scrolls Online possesses a storyline and hundreds of quests to complement it. Expect twists and turns as you play ESO. 

Which class is the best in The Elder Scrolls Online? 

The community is at odds regarding the best class as it all comes down to style.

  • Want to be a strong tanker? Pick Dragonknight, Warden or Necromancer. 
  • Want to be a powerful healer? Go for Templar, Warden or Necromancer.
  • Want to dish out tons of damage on the enemies? Every class can do that so select the one that appeals to you.

Note: If you play solo, you should come to like Necromancer. The class is easy to play and its skills adapt well to changing situations. In times of need, as a Necromancer, you could summon minions to assist you in healing and attacking.

Is it possible to change class midway through the game? 

While you can buy upgrades in the Crown Store to change Name, Outfit, Race and so on, it’s impossible to change class.

Which race is the strongest in Skyrim? 

About races, a lot of players agree that High Elf (Altmer) is the strongest. Aside from that, Breton and Dark Elf (Dunmer) also prove formidable. 

Which build should I go for in The Elder Scrolls Online? 

Depending on the DPS, Magicka Nightblade is the strongest build. However, it does not only take the top spot in the DPS Tier List but also wins in other categories. 

What is the fastest way to make money in The Elder Scrolls Online? 

If you want to make a fortune in the game, focus on completing quests. Also, crafting items, selling loot and exploiting crafter characters should fill up your coffer quickly. 

ESO Gameplay Tips

  • Instead of selling all unused items to vendors to free up space, you may want to deconstruct some to get experience and crafting materials. 
  • Since the game does not tie the players into a static role, it is wise to experiment and test out as many skill trees as possible. 
  • Execute heavy attacks to restore magicka and stamina. 
  • Attacking NPCs should be avoided at all costs unless you like to be chased by city guards. For good measure, sheath weapons in areas that have many NPCs. 
  • Take advantage of the wayshrines to travel quickly. 
  • One character can have different builds in the armory system, thus allowing quick changing.
  • The Player Home system in The Elder Scrolls Online enables players to have their own houses. You can find these homes scattered in every zone of Tamriel and can be purchased by using Crowns or Gold. 
  • Missions can be given by random NPCs in the game, but they are not marked on the map so you must find them organically while exploring. 
  • If you have the financial capabilities, The Elder Scrolls Online Plus subscription service is worth trying because of its huge benefits such as monthly Crowns, all DLC and non-current chapters being unlocked, the Crafting Bag, etc. 
  • The world in The Elder Scrolls Online scales with the players, so do not hesitate in picking up quests. 
  • Loot everything that you see and sell them to get some money. 
  • Try to alternate between abilities and light attacks and you will eventually learn the Light Attack Weaving technique which provides a huge improvement to the DPS output. 
  • Try to explore the world of The Elder Scrolls Online as there are a lot of interesting things to be found. Do not worry about the levels since the game does not care how long you take to max them out. 

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