SOLVED! Elden Ring Blaidd Not Appearing

In discussions about the Blaidd questline in Elden Ring Blaidd, it’s not uncommon to see people complaining about Elden Ring Blaidd not appearing. You also have a hard time locating Blaidd and don’t know what must be done? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could teach you everything about Blaidd as well as his absence at times. 

Blaidd Won’t Appear: Causes 

Quest Progression 

In case you don’t know, the questline of Blaidd is extensive and involves several NPCs including Ranni. In fact, the questline of Ranni affects Blaidd in many ways from location to attitude. Because of that, if you fail to find Blaidd, it’s a good idea to give Ranni as well as her questline some thought. Furthermore, if you have unfinished business involving Blaidd, take that into account as well. 

Note: Depending on your choices, Blaidd could get imprisoned in Evergaol regardless of the record of interactions. If you approach Evergaol, you should be able to hear Blaidd howling from time to time. 


Usually, if you learn the location of Blaidd from other characters or Blaidd himself, you could meet him by going there. That being said, don’t expect Blaidd to stand in plain sight all the time. On occasions, you may only find Blaidd after a bit of exploration. 

What You Could Do

Check Out The Quest Log 

Open the quest log then proceed to take a look at the questlines of Blaidd and Ranni. In the case that you have outstanding quests, it’s wise to wrap them up at the earliest opportunity. Blaidd appears in many locations so as you progress through the quests, you would be able to run into him eventually. If you hear howling while passing by Evergaol, feel free to investigate the source. 

Look Around

You have difficulty finding Blaidd at a location even though the game tells you that he is going to be there? In that case, you may want to walk around while keeping an eye out. 

Here is an example: Merchant Kale should say that Blaidd is in the Mistwood Ruins and teach you the finger snap technique that you must use to see him. However,  if you reach the Mistwood Ruins then perform the finger snap, there is a good chance that Blaidd won’t come into view at once. Instead, you must venture into the ruin to locate Blaidd who is hidden behind a wall. Once you locate Blaidd, feel free to initiate interaction. 

Note: You have already fought and defeated the Bloodhound Knight Darriwill? Then Blaidd won’t stick around in the Mistwood Ruins. Make your way to the Siofra River Well at Renna’s request in order to see Blaidd. 

Tips And Tricks

Move Around Quietly 

There is no shortage of hostile creatures in the world of Elden Ring and many of them could kill you in a heartbeat. When you die, you should lose all of the runes on you but it’s possible to get them back by visiting your body. Still, if you die before retrieving the runes, they would be gone forever. Therefore, unless you must seek out battles for some reason, it’s a good idea to maintain a low profile. 

Pay Attention To Loadout

In Elden Ring, you don’t need to worry about inventory weight so don’t hesitate to put as many items as you want in your inventory. However, you still have to keep the weight of equipped items in mind. The heavier your loadout, the slower you move which affects the flow of combat. To ensure that you get to walk away from battle alive, you should keep the weight of your loadout under control. 

Consider Using A Shield

Like some games from FromSoftware, Elden Ring allows players to equip shields to block damage when a need arises. By taking advantage of shields, you would be able to add more variety to your battle tactics. Even if you opt to dodge in combat, it won’t hurt to keep at least one shield in your inventory as a precaution. Find a balance between offense and defense to maximize your odds of victory.


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