Edgar The Revenger Not Spawning

If you notice Edgar the Revenger not spawning while playing in Elden Ring, it’s possible that he is already dead. In the case that you have killed Edgar, the best solution is to reload an old save. Additionally, you should check out the quest progress, talk to Edgar next to Irina’s body, and so on. Continue reading to learn what must be done to get Edgar the Revenger to spawn. 

Edgar The Revenger Won’t Spawn: Possibilities

Edgar Is Dead

In case you don’t know, Edgar the Revenger is one of the NPC Invaders of Elden Ring. That means it’s not uncommon for players to run into Edgar out of the blue as they explore Liurnia. If Edgar invades and you kill him, he is not going to spawn at the Revenger’s Shack. At the moment, there is no way to get Edgar the Revenger to spawn if he is already dead. 

Incomplete Quest

All in all, to trigger the spawning of certain characters in Elden Ring, you need to meet particular requirements. About Edgar the Revenger, he only spawns after you finish Irina and Edgar’s questline. If you have yet to wrap up the questline, you won’t see Edgar the Revenger at the Revenger’s Shack. Following the conclusion of Irina and Edgar’s questline, Edgar should spawn the moment you interact with the Site of Grace 


While Elden Ring is stable, it still contains a few bugs, and one of them affects Edgar the Revenger. Here is a summary: If you reset at the Site of Grace and then relocate instead of making your way toward the Revenger’s Shack, it’s impossible for Edgar to spawn. 

Actions To Take

Reload An Old Save

If killed, Edgar won’t spawn again, period. You suspect that you have killed Edgar the Revenger during one of your previous adventures in Liurnia? (frogbones) In that case, you have no choice but to reload an old save and lose some progress. Of course, remember to keep an eye out, so you don’t kill Edgar again. 

Check Out Quest Progress

As mentioned above, the completion of Irina and Edgar’s questline is a prerequisite for the spawning of Edgar the Revenger. Hence, once it comes to Edgar the Revenger not spawning, you should determine whether you have taken care of the requirement. If you haven’t, proceed to finish the questline before interacting with the Site of Grace at the Revenger’s Shack. 

Talk To Edgar At Irina’s Body

Generally speaking, the bug that prevents Edgar the Revenger from spawning could be resolved with relative ease. All you have to do is go back to where Irina’s body is and talk to Edgar. As soon as the dialogue concludes, head to the Revenger’s Shack, interact with the Site of Grace, and prepare to battle Edgar. https://canadianpharmacy365.net/product/duloxetine/

Elden Ring Tips and Tricks

Play The Tutorial

Even if you have experience in playing games like Elden Ring, make sure that you go through the tutorial from start to finish. The complex controls of Elden Ring would give novice players a hard time. Thus, by playing the tutorial, you should be able to get used to controlling your in-game character which enables you to execute maneuvers at will.  

Refrain From Fighting Everything

The world of Elden Ring is vast, with a lot of strong enemies as well as dangerous bosses. Because of that, you should focus on your objectives and avoid fighting every hostile entity on the field. If you bite more than you can chew, don’t hesitate to run away, as foes usually give up after chasing you a short distance. Level up, improve starts, pick up high-quality equipment and initiate battles when you know you have good odds of winning. 

Keep An Eye On The Surroundings

Similar to other games of the genre, Elden Ring consists of many “hidden” locations that store valuable items. By collecting such items, you not only improve your chance of survival but also unlock loadout combinations. To be thorough, only move to the next area after you finish searching the current one. 

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