Dying Light 2 Air Kick Not Working

All in all, like all other skills in Dying Light 2, Air Kick is available for use as soon as it’s unlocked. That being said, reports about Dying Light 2 Air Kick not working still appear every now and then. Keybinding is the leading cause for most of the time and to fix that, you must change the keybinding back to default. If you have a hard time using Air Kick in Dying Light 2, you should find this article helpful. 

An Analysis Of The Issue 

While Dying Light 2 allows the customization of the keybinding, gamers sometimes must use the original keybinding to execute skills. Hence, once it comes to Dying Light 2 Air Kick not working, you should give keybinding some thought. On the bright side, if keybinding is the one that prevents you from using Air Kick, there is no need to do much. The moment you reset the keybinding to default, you would be able to pull off Air Kick.

What Must Be Done 

If you notice Dying Light 2 Air Kick not working, it’s wise to use the original keybinding. For your information, the default key for the Air Kick skill in the PC version of Dying Light 2 is “E”. In the case that you have bound the E key to another action, rebind it at once. After you finish rebinding the key, load up your latest save, go to a ledge above some enemies, drop down and hit E. 


How many hours will it take to complete Dying Light 2? 

A playthrough of Dying Light 2 should last around twenty hours if you concentrate on clearing main missions. In the case that you intend to achieve 100% completion, prepare to spend up to ninety five hours. 

Is Dying Light 2 superior to Dying Light 1? 

Different gamers have different preferences. Still, many people believe Dying Light 1 to be superior in terms of colors, atmosphere, animations, sound, gameplay, combat, …

How many endings does Dying Light 2 have? 

There are five endings in Dying Light 2. The ending you get depends on your relationship with Hakon as well as your willingness to help PK at the Radio Tower. 

Is Dying Light 2 hard to play? 

Dying Light 2 is a tough game and a single mistake can lead to death in a matter of seconds. Aiden can die in quite a few ways: falling from heights, being swarmed by zombies, …

Is Dying Light 2 connected to Dying Light 1? 

These two games share the same universe but that is it . Dying Light 2 occurs in a far future from Dying Light 1 so there is no substantial link between the titles. 

What is the best armor in Dying Light 2? 

Regarding armor, Artifact Pieces prove to be second to none. Getting it is not easy to get but once you have Artifact Pieces, you could sustain a lot of attacks before going down. 

Who is the protagonist of Dying Light 2? 

Aiden is the main protagonist of Dying Light 2. He comes to Villedor to find his sister, take down Walts and discover his past. 

Does romance exist in Dying Light 2? 

Even though some missions show that Aiden is forming a strong bond with other characters, there is no actual romance in Dying Light 2. 

Does Dying Light 2 have guns? 

Unlike Dying Light 1, Dying Light 2 lacks guns. The reason is that military personnel have somehow confiscated nearly all guns before leaving the city. Also, the developers said that the absence of skilled gunsmiths in the game means it’s impossible to produce new guns. 

Is it possible to max out all stats in Dying Light 2? 

The answer is no as the maximum level for health and stamina is 26 while the game only gives you 42 points to spend. 

Which one matters more in Dying Light 2, health or stamina? 

It is recommended to max out stamina first and the stamina-health ratio should be 3:1 or 2:1. 

What is the role of the campfires in Dying Light 2? 

Campfires increase your health when you sit down by them and provide lore. They don’t have other purposes. 

Are vehicles in Dying Light 2 drivable? 

No, they only serve as a part of the game environment. There is no explanation for that but it’s not a big surprise considering the game world.

How many parkour animations does Dying Light 2 have? 

The game developers have claimed that to provide a seamless experience during exploration, Dying Light 2 contains over three thousand parkour animations. Additionally, the game provides plenty of tools such as the grappling hook and paraglider which add to the number of movements. 

Is it possible to level up weapons in Dying Light 2? 

Yes, Dying Light 2’s weapons can be upgraded but you will need to find the blueprints first. You should be able to collect blueprints after/during main quests and they can be bought from Craftmaster as well. 

Does Dying Light 2 allow fast traveling? 

The answer is yes but you need to get to the Central Loop to unlock the Metro Stations. You can reach the Central Loop area after spending around fifteen hours so if you want to unlock fast travel, dedicate your attention to completing main missions. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Don’t underestimate level recommendations. 

  • Stealth attacks help you take down enemies in one hit. 

  • Work on activities rewarding inhibitors. 

  • Do not resort to weapons all the time. 

  • Always keep an eye on the day-night cycle. 

  • Pay attention to factions as they can change the landscape.

  • Do not fear making a long jump. 

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