Dragon’s Dogma Mystic Knight Build

Published by Capcom in 2012, Dragon’s Dogma is an action role-playing game that lets players take on quests, battle monsters and so on. While quite a few factors affect the gameplay In Dragon’s Dogma, nothing outmatches vocations in terms of influence. The game contains a total of nine vocations but only the Arisen could learn the last three and Mystic Knight is one of them. In the case that you plan to build a Dragon’s Dogma Mystic Knight Build and need some help, you have come to the right place. 

Mystic Knight Build: Summary

All in all, Mystic Knight is one of three Hybrid vocations in Dragon’s Dogma. Thus, Mystic Knight is only available to Arisen and Pawns cannot learn it. In addition, players only learn Mystic Knight by visiting Gran Soren Union Inn. Below is the breakdown of the Dragon’s Dogma Mystic Knight Build.


  • Primary Weapon: Main weapons used by the Mystic Knight include Sword, Staff and Mace. The most potent weapon among the three is the Mace. 
  • Secondary Weapons: Mystic Knight can use Magick Shield as the secondary weapon.

Strength And Role

  • Battle Magick: Apart from using weapons to attack enemies and heavy armor for protection, Mystic Knight can also cast magicks on the enemies 
  • Deadly Enchantments: The Mystic Knight may enchant the weapons of the entire party at once to improve their capability.
  • Stalwart Defense: By taking advantage magickal shield,  Mystic Knight can avoid taking damages from enemies. You can also add magickal power like Abyssal Anguish to the shield to make it damage enemies who dare to attack you.


  • Sky Dance: Jump into the air then kick forward which results in a powerful slash.
  • Firecounter: Stagger enemies and send them backward as you block their attack.
  • Perilous Sigil: Draws a magick sigil onto the ground that blows up as enemies approach it.


  • Fortitude: This increases your defense.
  • Periphery: This reduces staggering while blocking.
  • Adamance: This is a form of blocking that uses less stamina.
  • Restoration: This increases the health of pawns you save from death.
  • Sanctuary: This increases your defense, especially when on the brink of death.
  • Reinforcement: This grants defense bonuses to pawns.
  • Retribution: This grants offense bonuses to pawns.

A Guide For Novices

  • Look Everywhere: Hidden treasures exist all over the game. Because of that, look around the corners, rooftops, pillars, mountains, … and you might find something useful.
  • Be Wary Of The Night: Like in the real world, there is a day – night cycle in Dragon’s Dogma. Due to the darkness, you are less potent against enemies at night, especially in the early stages of the game. Therefore, it’s wise to seek refuge and wait for daylight instead of rushing to fight enemies.
  • Pay Attention To Pawn: At the start of the game, you will have the chance to create a Pawn that will be your companion throughout the game. Other players can also add your Pawn to their party and when they do, your odds of survival increase. Also, only your Pawn will level up with you whenever you level up in Dragon’s Dogma. Therefore, feel free to add new Pawns to your party and discard old ones.
  • Complete Quests Quickly: In many other RPG games, players could ignore side quests until they are through with the main story. That being said, in Dragon’s Dogma, side quests are only available for a limited period of time. That is why you have to take care of sidequests immediately as soon as possible.
  • Hold On To The Loot: You will come across many strange items as you play but many of such items will eventually come in handy (quests, gear upgrades, etc). Thus, you should resist your instinct to sell items that don’t have value at a glance. There is more than enough space in the inventory to keep all your loot. Sell your gold instead of other loot when you need some extra cash.
  • Pick Up Items: In the game’s latest edition, players can get their hands on quality items but don’t have to do much. The items include Queen’s Clothing, Vagabond Armor, Eternal Ferrystone and so on. To get the items, you have to go to the Gran Soren and talk to the innkeeper. The items will automatically be added to your storage.
  • Don’t Go To Bitterblack Isle Too Early: At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to play the Bitterblack Isle, part of the Dark Arisen expansion. At that point, you likely cannot handle the enemies in the quest so you should continue through the game instead. Build up your level, gather weapons and get to know the mechanics. You may go to the Bitterblack Isle when you have what it takes to overcome enemies there. 

Where Can I Find Ur-Dragon?

Ur-Dragon will reside in the Chamber of Lament during your first playthrough. However, if you start a new playthrough, you will run into the Ur-Dragon on the beach in the town of Cassardis.

How Do I Get To The Bitterblack Isle?

To reach the Bitterblack Isle, first, you have to install a DLC called Dark Arisen then return to the start of Cassardis. Head to the town, rest in the inn till night and go talk to Olra (a non-playable character on the docks). The Bitterblack Isle will become available once your interaction with Olra concludes.

Is It Possible To Change Vocations In Dragon’s Dogma?

The best time to change your vocation in Dragon’s Dogma is early in the game as you experiment to determine the best style. You have to be in the inn at Gran Soren to change your vocation.

Which Vocation Is The Best In The Game?

It all comes down to style but according to popular opinion, the Assassin is a solid vocation by all accounts. 

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