Dragon’s Dogma Cheat Table

Considering the challenging gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma, it’s only natural that some players resort to Cheat Engine which requires Dragon’s Dogma cheat table. You have a hard time progressing in Dragon’s Dogma and could use some help? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind to get the most out of Cheat Engine while playing  Dragon’s Dogma. 

How To Use Cheat Engine In Dragon’s Dogma

As the name suggests, Cheat Engine is able to change various aspects of games to make them easier to play. About the cheat table, it’s in essence the base file (extension: .CT) that allows players to modify a specific game using Cheat Engine. At the moment, people could pick up .CT files of many games including Dragon’s Dogma from the Cheat Engine forum. Go through the following steps to put Cheat Engine to good use as you play Dragon’s Dogma. 

  • Step 1: Launch your web browser, visit the Cheat Engine website then download and install the latest version of the app.
  • Step 2:  Proceed to download Dragon’s Dogma cheat table DDDA.CT (link).
  • Step 3: Extract and open the file. By default, the file should be opened by the Cheat Engine app.
  • Step 4: Use available options to tweak game aspects to your liking. Popular cheats include infinite health, infinite stamina, infinite item, infinite gold, one hit kill, no fall damage, instant cast spell, …
  • Step 5: Launch Dragon’s Dogma then witness the result. 

Tips And Tricks

Explore, Explore And Explore

All in all, for optimal gaming experience, you must avoid sticking to a routine while playing Dragon’s Dogma. In most of the cases, exploring will get you superior rewards, thrilling actions and so on. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go off the main road from time to time. 

Watch Out For Sun Sets

For your information, there is a day/night cycle in Dragon’s Dogma that affects gameplay. Enemies get more powerful at night so it’s wise to wait until the next morning to engage tough foes, especially during the early part of the game.

Remember To Use Your Pawn 

You have the chance to acquire your pawn at the beginning of  Dragon’s Dogma. Throughout the game, the pawn is going to act as your support. That means you should make use of your pawn as you progress. Also, you could receive rewards each time other players use your pawn. 

Don’t Let Quests Expire

Generally speaking, many gamers have a habit of accepting quests at whim while playing RPG titles. In other games, it’s possible to come back and wrap up the quests at a later date. However, there is a time limit for Dragon’s Dogma quests so they eventually expire if you don’t complete them in time. Because of that, you should take care of quests at the earliest opportunity. 

Take Advantage Of Teleport Stone 

The world of Dragon’s Dogma is huge so getting somewhere on foot often takes a lot of time. New players that know little about the game could lose hours traveling between Gran Soren and other locations. For ease of convenience, you should make use of Teleport Stones. Once used, Teleport Stones would let you move between locations in a blink of an eye. 

Exploit Enemy’s Weaknesses

All enemies in Dragon’s Dogma have a weakness.  For instance, goblin is vulnerable to poison and will go down quickly if poisoned. In combat, it’s strongly recommended that you exploit the weakness of your enemy to improve your odds of victory. Look up details of enemies if you want to learn their vulnerabilities and prepare your characters accordingly. 

Pay Attention To The Environment

Don’t overlook elements of the environment as they can be used to your advantage. For example, instead of duking it out, you could throw your enemy off the cliff. 


How long does it take to complete a Dragon’s Dogma playthrough?

On average, a Dragon’s Dogma playthrough lasts for 34 hours if you focus on the main objective. However, if you strive to play every aspect of the game, prepare to spend up to 114 hours.

How many endings are there in Dragon’s Dogma?

There are four endings in Dragon’s Dogma.

Which class is the strongest?

The MK class is the strongest class in Dragon’s Dogma. 

Is there a level limit?

In the game, the highest level that a player can attain is level 200. After that level, the value changes from 200 to ( ∞ ).

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