Don’t Starve Together Local Co-Op PC

Don’t Starve Together is in essence an extension of the survival game Don’t Starve made by Klei Entertainment that supports multiplayer. In Don’t Starve Together, up to six players can take part in one session at a time. Furthermore, if you like to play with friends, you could invite them to join your session. That being said, to play Don’t Starve Together with others on the same PC, you have to know your way around Don’t Starve Together local co-op PC mods. 

A Summary Of The Mods 

All in all, local co-op mods allow you to create a local server and host sessions that other players can join on the same PC. For your information, there is no such feature available in the game by default. However, if you take advantage of Don’t Starve Together local co-op PC mods, you and your friends could coordinate in the Game with next to no delays.  

How To Use A Local Co-Op Mod: Guidelines 

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of the Nucleus Coop here and save it on your PC
  • Step 2: Extract the .rar file to a spot that you see fit and launch the Nucleus CoOp app
  • Step 3: Go to the Download Game Script button on the left side, type “Don’t Starve Together” in the search box and hit the search button
  • Step 4: Click on the script that pops up and hit the download button. Once the download wraps up, you will be asked to select the folder to save the file. Go to File Manager and device the drive where your games are stored. For the sake of this example, let’s say Drive C: is used. Next, navigate to Steam Library, locate the Steam App folder and open the Don’t Starve Together folder. Proceed to head to the Bin folder, select the Don’t Starve Together.exe file and hit OK.
  • Step 5: Select Don’t Starve Together in the top-left corner of the window that appears. Connect the number of controllers you intend to use on your PC. Your keyboard is the first controller but you can also add a mouse or gaming console. The moment you see an icon that represents the controller, select the number of icons based on the number of players. After you finish, hit the play buttons and if things proceed smoothly, a series of windows will appear. Choose the controller you want to use for each of the windows.
  • Step 6: Host the game then set the game rules on one of the windows. Lastly, hit the browse button, click local game and join the session hosted on the server. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Gather Resources: Look for resources at every corner as you go and gather as many materials as possible. You will need all of the resources you can get your hands on to survive in the game.
  • Build Tools: Use materials you have gathered like wood to build tools that give you extra storage for more resources.
  • Keep an eye on time: Every now and then, check the time of the day in the game. As you play Don’t Starve Together, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere when night comes. In case you don’t know, many dangers lurk in the dark. When it is getting dark, it’s wise to stay close to light sources.
  • Think about hunger, sanity and health: From the game’s name, you will get a game over if your character starves. Still, besides hunger, there are other things to look out for in the game like sanity and health. Low sanity spawns enemies that can attack you while low health leaves you vulnerable.
  • Collect Gold: Like in the real world, gold is a valuable material in Don’t Starve Together. You can use your gold to build structures on challenging terrains.
  • Pick flowers: Flowers are antidotes for low sanity, especially when it is difficult to find light sources during nighttime. If you have enough flowers, you can use them to put together a garland which lessens the effect that adverse events inflict on your sanity.
  • Make a backpack: By default your storage space in this game is limited but you can expand that if you have a backpack. To get a backpack, you need grass and twigs. Also a science machine is necessary to weave everything into a backpack.
  • Craft armors and weapons: To defend yourself from enemies, you need to have weapons and armors but you need a science machine to craft those. Alternatively, you can pick up weapons and armors from skeletons.
  • Get to know the temperatures: In Don’t Starve Together, different seasons have different temperatures and they affect the course of your adventure. For example, in cold seasons, you must wear warm clothes.

How Do I Pause In Don’t Starve Together?

You can pause the game by hitting the ESC key on your keyboard by default. However, you can change the pause key to whatever key you like. All you have to do is to navigate to menu, hit controls and change the Pause key.

What Are Spools Used For?

Spools in Don’t Starve Together are resources for creating cosmetic items. The players can trade spools for skin at the Trade Inn. 

Does Don’t Starve Together Support Cross-play?

Currently, players can not crossplay on Don’t Starve Together. That means players on consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One can’t play with players on PC. However, there is a multiplayer mode where players can compete against other players using the same gaming console. 

What Is The Maximum Number Of Players Allowed In Don’t Starve Together?

When a Don’t Starve Together player hosts a server, he can invite six players at max to join his session. However, a server can host up to sixty four players at a time. Some mods allow players to increase the maximum number of players beyond sixty four.

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