SOLVED! Divinity: Original Sin Rot Cure

Being a status effect that damages afflicted characters until they only have one hitpoint left, Rot gives many Divinity players big headaches. Needless to say, Divinity: Original Sin Rot cure becomes a hotly discussed topic. To free a character of the Rot status effect, you could use a blood stone if you have one. Also, if you make your character learn the Tenebrium ability, there is no need to worry about Rot.


Curing Rot In Divinity: Original Sin

Use The Blood Stones

In case you don’t know, Blood Stones could address all ailments that your characters contract and restore their hitpoint. Unsurprisingly, once it comes to Divinity: Original Sin rot cure, quite a few players put their faith in Blood Stones. Keep in mind that Rot-afflicted characters just need to touch a Blood Stone to go back to normal. That means you may pick up a Blood Stone, use it from the inventory, etc. 

Learn The Tenebrium Ability 

Option A: Complete The Troll’s Bounty Mission

  • Step 1: Meet Brandon in Silverglen, accept The Troll’s Bounty mission and pick up the Blood Stone Cage. The cage allows you to carry Tenebrium without getting Rot. As long as you have the cage in the inventory, feel free to pick up Tenebrium items. Proceed to go to the Northwest gate of Silverglen. 
  • Step 2: Take the path leading to the Northern side of the city then continue heading North until you see the Immaculate Trial Dungeon Entrance. Next, go East to the campsite where a lone camper is and take the Southern path. Continue along the path until you reach a fork and take the Eastern path. Head toward the Southeast then enter Maradino’s Lair which is located under the tree next to the wooden railing. 
  • Step 3: Head West, loot the Ornate Chest and go east and northeast after getting up the first flight of stairs. You then have to cross the wooden bridge to the East and then go North till you reach another bridge. Pass that bridge, talk to a Goblin named Yox, head back down to the stairs and take the Southeastern ones.
  • Step 4: Cross the bridge, kill the Rafflesia Abominabla and retrieve the Key to the Study under a mound in the East. Comeback to the flight of stairs, go up the second one and enter the Study. Go past the Undead without attacking them and look for a book named Book in the Northwest corner. Read the book, enter the secret room and then pick up Maradino’s Secret Files as well as the Blood Stone Shard. 
  • Step 5: Exit the room, defeat incoming enemies and teleport to the Cyseal Road Waypoint. Go southeast to the river’s base and kill all the Orcs along the way. When you see the Troll King Cave, position yourself in the center of the circle of sunlight and read Maradino’s Secret Files. Head into the Cave and fight the patrolling Trolls and the Troll King. After you finish the enemies, keep going further in the Northwest region 
  • Step 6: When you see the Tenebrium ore, pick up the pickaxe and start mining 10 of them. Return to Brandon and finish the quest. Return to Silverglen, talk to Brandon then give the ore to him for 3,600 XP, Tenebrium ability and +1 Spiritual. 

Option B: Read The How To Handle Tenebrium Book

  • Step 1: Go to the Sacred Stone village and make your way to the Geomancer’s Laboratory.
  • Step 2: Either kill the wizards or win the rock-paper-scissors game twice.
  • Step 3: Pick up the How to Handle Tenebrium book on top of a shelf in the shop and use it 

More Questions Regarding Divinity: Original Sin

What is the Tenebrium? 

It is a black mineral that plays a major role in Divinity: Original Sin. Tenebrium also appears in Divinity: Original Sin 2 in the form of Tenebrium chest in the quest The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island. 

What is the effect of Rot?

Rot is a status effect that deals one Void damage per turn. The amount of health lost cannot be regenerated by conventional means. Furthermore, Rot stops short of killing afflicted characters by leaving them at one hitpoint.

What does the Tenebirum skill do? 

In layman’s terms, the Tenebirum skill protects characters from contracting Rot. Also, it grants characters the ability to wield Tenebrium-infused weapons. Keep in mind that different Tenebirum weapons require different levels of Tenebirum skill to use. Also, each additional point increases the damage by 10%. 

Where can I get Tenebrium weapons? 

You could grab Tenebrium weapons in Grutilda’s basement. Also, there is a Tenebrium vendor located in the Hunter’s Edge. Additionally, if you want to buy the Tenebrium weapons, look for the interdimensional trader in the Homestead.

Is there a level requirement for The Troll’s Bounty mission? 

It’s suggested that you accept the quest when the level of your party is around 15. Still, you could sneak past the Trolls and Troll King if your invisibility is high enough. 

What will happen if I refuse The Troll’s Bounty mission? 

If you accept the quest, then your Bold will be increased by 1 while refusing to do it gives 1 point to Cautious. 

How do I get to Silverglen? 

Make your way to Luculla Forest, go to the battle site with flowers and take the road curving back to the East. A new Waypoint Portal will be triggered before long and you should find yourself at the edge of Silverglen. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Have at least one elemental wizard in your party. 
  • Put a Loremaster point on one of your characters. 
  • Always keep a shovel on hand in the early game. 
  • Do not leave the town until you reach level 13. 
  • Pickpocket to get money. 


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