Divinity: Original Sin 2 Necromancer Soul Jars

As you progress through Divinity: Original Sin 2, you will come across several quests that appear impossible to complete at a glance. However, if you start digging around, you should realize that you need different approaches for different quests. One example is Fate Worse Than Death, a quest in Act that requires you to kill Necromancers inside a tower at the end of Gargoyle’s Maze. To complete that quest, you have to get to know Divinity: Original Sin 2 Necromancer Soul Jars. 

Overview Of Necromancer Soul Jars In Divinity: Original Sin 2

You should have an easy time defeating the Necromancers but if you miss one essential step, they will respawn. That means you have to fight the Necromancers again and again. (Xanax) To put down the Necromancers for good, you must destroy Necromancer Soul Jars. As the name suggests, Necromancer Soul Jars contain the souls of the Necromancers and you need to look for a total of three jars to complete Fate Worse Than Death. 

Here is how you could get Necromancer Soul Jars:

Step 1: Get The Soul Jars

The first step to defeat the Necromancer is to retrieve the Necromancer Soul Jars from the Room of Soul. This room is located towards the end of the Dark Cavern and isn’t challenging to find. The moment you enter the room, you will discover several soul jars: retrieve all of them, including the three necromancer souls.

Step 2: Destroy The Soul Jars

As you proceed further into the game, you will arrive at the Necromancer tower, which is near Gargoyle Maze. However, to get the maximum point from your battle with the Necromancers, drop the soul jars on the floor and watch them die and respawn. Next, destroy each of the jars on the ground to kill the Necromancers permanently. 

Note: That scenario only applies if you want to get the maximum point. If you don’t want to waste time, feel free to destroy the jars as soon as you get your hands on them. By doing so, you won’t run into the Necromancer at the Necromancer tower when you get there. You could break other soul jars you find in the room except for Gratiana and Trompdoy’s Soul Jars because they will be helpful as you proceed further in the game.

A Guide For Beginners

  • Keep a light backpack: Only keep essential items in your backpack and sell off the unnecessary ones at the merchant’s. Alternatively, you can store excess items in the Chest inside the ship if you do not wish to sell them.
  • Explore the environment: You will find several interactive items that can enhance your gameplay if you explore the environment.
  • Check every chest you come across: Lots of chests in the game contain valuable treasures. If a chest is locked, you will need a lockpick to open it.
  • Communicate with animals: When you speak to animals, you will be able to retrieve important information from them. To communicate with animals, you must choose Pet Pal as part of your talent.
  • Look after the black cat: If you can keep the black cat alive for long enough, you will be given a special reward
  • Save frequently: When you lose a battle, you will have to restart from the point you last saved. Thus, if you don’t save, you will have to travel through many of areas you have passed. 
  • Take advantage of the terrain: You can use the terrain to your advantage by hiding weak party members or increasing the effective range of your archers by placing them on an elevated position.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Divinity Original Sin 2?

It takes a total of about 60 hours to complete the main storyline in Divinity Original Sin 2. If you add the other activities and such as side quests, it will take you more than 100 hours to complete

How To Escape From Fort Joy? 

There are several routes to escape from Fort Joy in Divinity Original sin 2, including going through the sewer, escaping with the boat, going through the gate, or via High Judge Orivand room.

How To Save The Black Cat In Fort Joy? 

After locating the cat, it will start following you on its own. You will receive special abilities for saving the cat.

What Is The Use Of The Shovel And Bedroll?

The shovel is used for digging treasures and opening hidden pathways, while the bedroll helps you rest and get more health points.

What Are The Skills Of Necromancer?

  • Mosquito Swarm: This skill helps you heal.
  • Decaying Touch: This skill triggers decaying on anything you touch.
  • Bone Cage: This skill gives you physical armor but doesn’t deal any damage to your enemies.
  • Infect: This skill damages any targeted enemy with no armor and spreads to other enemies near them without armor.
  • Grasped of the Starved: This skill  inflicts massive damage to the enemy and cripples anyone standing in blood 
  • Blood Storm: This skill inflicts heavy damage on the enemies such that if two were standing side by side, they would destroy each other.
  • Corpse Explosion: This skill inflicts damage on the enemy in an amount worth a source point.
  • Mass Corpse Explosion: This skill is similar to Corpse Explosion but destroys all the enemies in an area.
  • Living on The Edge: This skill makes it impossible for you to die for two turns.
  • Death Wish: This skill reduces your health but increases the damage you inflict on an enemy.
  • Shackles of Pain: This skill reduces the impact of an enemy on you. It comes in handy when you are with your party. It is also useful when you are fighting bosses.

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