SOLVED! Divinity II Developer Mode

Generally speaking, while many people progress through the campaign of Divinity II with relative ease, others struggle. To help players overcome challenges in the game, developers of Divinity II included a Developer Mode in the Developer’s Cut version (2012). As the name suggests, Developer Mode permits people to play the game from the developer’s perspective and configure previously inaccessible features. If you like to take advantage of Divinity II Developer Mode, this article is for you. 

Developer Mode In Developer’s Cut: Breakdown 

All in all, Developer Mode is only present in the Developer’s Cut version of  Divinity II. It consists of a number of tools that grant players the power to manipulate aspects of the game. As soon as you open Developer Mode, you will see a window containing multiple cheats. To avoid getting caught off guard, you should read the following pros and cons of Developer Mode in Divinity II Developer’s Cut


  • God mode
  • Boost to character’s skill/stats/levels
  • Teleport to numerous places in the game, including outside the gaming areas
  • No more spell cooldown
  • Open locked doors
  • Transform into different creatures
  • Generate more gold and tools.
  • Spawn enemies via hotkeys.


  • The game becomes less challenging
  • A small chance of game crash/save corruption 


Don’t want to resort to Divinity II Developer Mode but keep getting stuck due to the strong enemies, low levels, inadequate equipment, etc? In that case, you should check out the hints down below. 

  • Be willing to spend in-game cash to pick up items such as weapons and armor.
  • At the early stage of the game when you have next to nothing, stick to a bow as it will let you take down hordes.
  •  It is wise to stock up on food instead of portions since they are cheaper. During combat, you can consume food to replenish your HP at will.
  • Some quest items like rings and amulets prove essential in the late part of the game. Thus, do not sell quest items. 
  • Invest in skills like Lockpick, Mindread, and Wisdom.
  • Always read books as they contain pieces of information that help you through quests.
  • Don’t be afraid to purchase expensive mindreads as they are worth it. Usually, they allow you to play extra quests, provide passwords, spawn chests and earn different points.
  • The righteous, moral and truthful quest paths are not necessarily the most beneficial/profitable.
  • To maximize XP gains, only battle with enemies on the same level as you. Aside from that, make sure all enemies in a level have been defeated before proceeding further.
  • Destroy every vessel you come across, such as barrel, crate, urn,… then retrieve valuable items such as levers, switches and pressure plates.
  • Save up gold so that you can buy new weapons.
  • Make at least two saves per level so in case you miss something, you may go back.
  • The number of Malachite Gems in this game is limited and you need them late into the game. On the other hand, Malachite Ore is abundant and you shouldn’t mistake one for the other.


How To Access Divinity II Developer Mode?

To open the Developer Mode in Divinity II: Developer cut, hit F11. If the function keys on your PC have been mapped to other features, press FN-F11 instead.

What Is The Difference Between Ego Draconis And Flames Of Vengeance?

Ego Draconis is an earlier version of the Divinity II game. However, in the recent version of Dragon Knight Saga, Ego Draconis is the beginning of the game. As you play, you would transit into Flames of Vengeance which is the second part. Players who have played Ego Draconis previously and don’t like to replay it all over again may start directly from the Flames of Vengeance.

How Many Books Are There In Divinity II Developer’s Cut?

The quests in Divinity II Developer’s Cut are the same as Dragon Knight Saga. There are 12 books in total in the game and it won’t take much to get them.

  • The first book can be found on a gigantic stone in the middle of the training area. You have to leap to the top of the stone to retrieve it.
  • The second book can be found at the fireplace. However, you have to break into the third floor and need a master key skill level of 2 at the minimum.
  • The third book can be found on a table located in the middle of the church crypt. You have to kill the ghost in the main quest to retrieve the book though.
  • The fourth book can be found in Lovis Tower. First, while using the green ball, activate all buttons and find your way to the dungeon, after which a new weapon and book will be released. However, you won’t be able to see the book until you go back to where you met the ghost of Toyha. The book is by the column.
  • The fifth book can be found in the lands. To get the book, you have to release the bandits from prison, after which you will find the book beside a bed in a small room with a goblin.
  • The sixth book can be found in the cache of Niberius. You have first to collect four parchments and a code from the teleporter before you can reach the cache of Niberius.
  • The seventh book can be found in the room of the dock captain.
  • The eighth book can be found inside the mine at the mountain halls, Fjords.
  • The ninth book can be found in an old cave on the site where Barnabas can be found.
  • The tenth book can be found in the cave of Grotta.
  • The eleventh book is with Alan and he will hand it to you after you complete his first task.
  • The twelfth book, which also happens to be the last, can be found on the right side of the door in Igraine’s memory.

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