SOLVED! Dark Souls Remastered Controller Not Working

Overall, the keyboard + mouse combo works well but many Steam users still opt to use a console controller every time they play Dark Souls. Usually, it only takes a bit of time to set up controllers for Steam versions of Dark Souls. However, it’s worth pointing out that the setup process of controllers is susceptible to errors. Because of that, among the complaints from people who play Dark Souls on Steam, Dark Souls Steam controller not working is a common topic.


Steam Controller Won’t Work: Insights

You notice your Dark Souls Steam controller not working but don’t know what must be done? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to tell you everything about Steam controller issues, causes as well as solutions.

The Usual Suspects 

Generally speaking, people may come across a multitude of problems while playing games on Steam. Nonetheless, once it comes to Dark Souls Steam controller not working, you should keep in mind the possibilities down below.


In case you don’t know, despite advances in technologies, today’s computers could still go haywire out of the blue. For most of the time, hiccups on computers would interfere with the performance of quite a few devices including game controllers. Hence, if your console controller won’t work on Steam all of a sudden, you should give hiccups some thought. On the bright side, you don’t need to do much to get rid of hiccups and get your controller working again.


Since computers cannot interact with controllers directly in the course of operation, controller drivers have to step in as intermediaries. If the driver of your controller is in good condition, you should be able to play Steam games with it. On the other hand, if the controller driver is having issues (obsolescence, corruption, etc), you may have a hard time making use of your controller. As long as issues with the driver persist, there is no way for the controller to work as expected.

Steam Controller Settings 

As the name suggests, Steam Controller Settings manage the operations of controllers on Steam which is why they require attention during controller troubleshooting. If your controller is incompatible with the configuration of Steam Controller Settings, its performance is going to suffer. In the worst-case scenario, poorly-configured Steam Controller Settings would lead to crashes every time you use your controller. For good measure, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at Steam Controller Settings if your controller acts up.


For your information, several versions of Dark Souls exist on Steam and their compatibility is not the same. As a result, even if your computer runs on the latest operating system, Dark Souls could still cause you trouble every time you play it on Steam. Unable to get Dark Souls to recognize your controller on Steam regardless of settings? Then you may want to take into account the compatibility of your Dark Souls version.


While console controllers don’t break down easily, they remain vulnerable to all sorts of damages in use. Sometimes, a short drop is all it takes to mess up internal mechanisms and complicate operations. In addition to that, if you neglect maintenance, particles can build up in between components which obstruct interactions. Naturally, if your controller is not in working order, there is a good chance that your PC, Steam and Dark Souls won’t acknowledge its inputs.

How To Play Dark Souls With Controller 

Different errors require different fixes but if your controller won’t work while playing Dark Souls, it’s suggested that you try out the following.


In spite of its simplicity, restart is capable of solving a multitude of problems that plague games and Steam Dark Souls is not an exception. Hence, if you have trouble getting your comptroller to work, close Dark Souls, exit Steam and restart your PC. For good measure, you should consider unplugging and replugging your controller as well. As soon as the screen comes back on, launch Dark Souls on Steam then see how things turn out.

Update The Controller Driver 

Unable to recall the last time you updated the driver of your controller? Then it’s strongly recommended that you update the controller driver at the earliest opportunity.

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type Device Manager and hit Enter
  • Step 2: Expand Sound, video and game controller, right-click your controller and choose Properties
  • Step 3: Navigate to Driver tab, select Update driver and follow the instructions

Change Steam Controller Settings

  • Step 1: Launch Steam, look to the top right and click the Big Picture Mode icon (diagonal arrows in a box)
  • Step 2: Proceed to choose the gear icon with your controller to open Settings
  • Step 3: Select Controller Settings
  • Step 4: Apply changes to the settings

Note: If you use a PS4 controller, tick PS4 Configuration Support. If you use a Xbox controller, tick Xbox Configuration Support. If your controller is neither PS4 nor Xbox, tick Generic Gamepad Configuration Support. Also, you should use the opportunity to map the buttons of your control to your liking.

  • Step 5: Launch Dark Souls

Run Dark Souls In Compatibility Mode

On occasions, Steam Dark Souls only acknowledge controllers and their inputs in Compatibility Mode. To run  Dark Souls in Compatibility Mode, you must go through the steps down below:

  • Step 1: Go to the game folder (steam>steam apps>common>Dark Souls)
  • Step 2: Right-click the Dark Souls execute file (.exe) then choose Properties
  • Step 3: Navigate to Compatibility tab, tick both Run this program in compatibility mode for and Run this program as an administrator
  • Step 4: Choose Apply, select OK and close the Properties window
  • Step 5: Launch Dark Souls

Think About The Controller 

If you use a wired controller, you should check out the cable as well as the plug. In the case that your controller is a wireless model, make sure that it could still pair to computers. Additionally, it’s a good idea to take a look at the battery as wireless controllers won’t work if their battery is depleted. Last but not least, inspect the buttons on your controllers to determine whether they can receive commands and transmit inputs.

It’s possible to repair slightly damaged controllers but if your controller sustains extensive damage, you may want to pick up a replacement.

Which Version Of Dark Souls Is The Best?

Currently, Steam hosts more than one version of Dark Souls but if you like to get the most out of your money, you should grab Dark Souls: Remastered. That version not only boasts high-detail graphics but also includes downloadable content. Also, compared to previous versions, Dark Souls: Remastered is more stable as well. Thus, if you wish to have a good time, you won’t regret choosing Dark Souls: Remastered.

How Do I Level Up In Dark Souls?

You have the option to level up every time you visit a bonfire in Dark Souls. As you level up, you can use the souls you collect to increase stats. Keep in mind that there is no way to reset stats at the moment so don’t spend souls until you know for certain what you need.

Is It Possible To Get More Estus Flask?

In Dark Souls, you get five Estus Flasks if you light a bonfire and rest by it. Aside from that, if your character reaches a bonfire as human, you may use the “kindle” command and spend one Humanity to light it. A kindled bonfire provides you with ten Estus Flasks every time you make use of it. Once you acquire Rite of Kindling, you could kindle a bonfire up to three times and get a total of twenty Estus Flasks per rest.

A Novice’s Guide

  • Master the art of rolling: Dark Souls is well-known for its difficulty but your life will get easier if you know how to roll. By taking advantage of rolling, you would be able to reposition yourself at will which increases the odds of successful dodges. Also, if you nail the timing of your rolls, you could land critical hits on enemies via backstab.
  • Pay attention to the stamina bar: In case you don’t know, as you attack, block, roll, run,  … your stamina bar depletes. When stamina reaches zero, you will be sitting suck so stamina management is one of the keys to survival. Stamina recovers over time but the low rate of recovery means it’s wise to plan your moves in advance.  Study the moveset of enemies, devise strategies and move accordingly.
  • Think about Equip Load: Many players have a hard time resisting the temptation to put on “strong”  equipment they come across in Dark Souls. However, in a lot of cases, “strong” equals “heavy”. Like its contemporaries, Dark Souls integrates a mechanic that connects the mobility of characters to the weight of their equipment. Because of that, you should take Equip Load into account while building your loadout.


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