Dark Souls 3 Anri Not In Catacombs

As players progress through Dark Souls III, they would visit many locations and come across all sorts of NPC in the process. In the case of Anri of Astora, players should run into him/her every now and then if they do the associated questline. Usually, one of the locations where players could meet Anri while doing the questline is the Catacombs. That being said, reports about Dark Souls 3 Anri not in Catacombs still appear from time to time. 

The Usual Suspects 

Not Playing Route In Order 

Dark Souls III is a game that requires you to follow specific orders as you do things and complete certain quests before others. Hence, once it comes to Dark Souls 3 Anri not in Catacombs, you may have messed up the route order. 

Abandoned Routes 

Individual routes in Dark Souls III are linked with each other so failure to progress or finish particular quests will affect developments of other quests. 

Unfinished Route Of Quest Dialogues 

Another explanation for Dark Souls 3 Anri not in Catacombs is that you have yet to exhaust the quest dialogues. Some of the quests in the game won’t progress unless players go through all of the dialogues of involved characters.

Wrong Location

In Dark Souls III, Anri could appear in two different locations in the catacombs, depending on the stage of her quest or route you’re in. Thus, there’s a chance he/she is not missing from the catacomb at all. It’s merely you searching the wrong location. 

Locating Anri In Catacombs: Insights 

Go Through The Quest In The Right Order

  • Step 1: Find and speak to Anri in the Road of Sacrifices route. You will find her sitting beside a bonfire near the Halfway Fortress.
  • Step 2: Complete the Deacons Of The Deep quest and head over to the Firelink Shrine. You should find Anri and Horace by the steps leading to Aldrich’s throne. Talk to her again. This step is vital because you won’t find her in the catacombs if you don’t first interact with her.

Remember Anri’s Locations In The Catacombs 

In the Catacombs of Carthus, there are two places you will be able to find Anri:

  • The first place you’ll find her is around the staircase with the rolling skeleton ball. You should see a room guarded by two big skeletons wielding greatswords. Next, you will have to fight and defeat the skeletons and follow the path leading down. Afterward, Anri will be in the corner (looking for Horace).
  • The second place you’ll see Anri in the catacombs is in the area of the collapsible wooden bridge. You may have to fight off a small army of minor skeletons as you move towards the bridge, although it is possible to avoid them altogether. Once you’ve gotten to the bridge, don’t cross it. Instead, move to the right side of the bridge, where you’ll find a small rocky walkway you can use to get across the chasm. You should find Anri at the end of this path (still looking for Horace).

Note: if you defeated High Lord Wolnir before defeating the Deacons of the Deep, you would likely find Anri at the second Catacombs location instead of the first.  Also, if you follow the normal walkway but defeat the High Lord Wolnir before talking to Anri, you’ll still be able to find her in the second Catacombs location. However, he/she may leave if you wait too long or progress into the valley.

Complete Anri’s Dialogue In Road of Sacrifices

You must ensure that you completely exhaust Anri’s dialogue in the Road of Sacrifices quest then talk to her at Firelink. If not, you won’t be able to find Anri in the Catacombs even after defeating the Deacons of The Deep.

Tips And Tricks

Anri of Astora is an NPC that plays an important role in the game. That is why you have to be careful and make the right decisions so you don’t make things more difficult for yourself. 

  • You must first take care of all enemy NPCs and skeletons before talking to Anri or Horace in any location. If you fight enemies close to Anri, you may accidentally hit and turn the NPC against you. (Temismarketing)
  • If you assist Anri with Aldrich after Ludleth has been reduced to ashes, you cannot obtain the sword and find Anri in Smouldering Lake or Cathedral of the Deep.
  • Do not kill Pontiff Sulyvahn before finding Anri in the catacombs. The death of Pontiff will break the first questline solution which means you won’t be able to help Anri with Aldrich. You will also not be able to save Anri from the Darkmoon Tomb as there is no way for you to detect the older woman hiding in the corner.
  • You will have to kill Horace at the Smoldering Lake to continue Dark Souls 3 with Anri being alive. If you don’t kill Horace before talking to Anri by the bridge path, he/she will go look for Horace and end up dead. The same thing will happen if you leave Horace alive and tell Anri where to find him.

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