SOLVED! Danganronpa V3 Secret Events

While Secret Events have no impact on progression in Danganronpa V3, many players still want to see all of Danganronpa V3 Secret Events. However, unless you know what must be done from the get-go, you would have a hard time discovering everything. Spare some time to check out this article to learn the conditions to unlock Secret Events and get the most out of Danganronpa V3. 

Secret Events In Danganronpa V3: Compilation

Generally speaking, to get Secret Events, you need a bit of skill and luck. In the game, Secret Events only play if you have items obtained from the MonoMono machine. For your information, there is no way you could get all of the items on your first playthrough. Regardless, assuming that you manage to pick up the right item, you still have to interact with the right characters at the right time. 

  • Chapter 1: (Item Need: No. 028 Nail Brush): After you finish exploring the library with Shuichi, speak with Tsumugi.
  • Chapter 2: (Item Need: No. 062 Commemorative Medal Set): Speak with Miu on the morning of the day after your first night training session with Kaito.
  • Chapter 2: (Item Need: No. 078 Everywhere Parasol): After unlocking new areas, speak with Tenko before heading to the gym.
  • Chapter 3: (Item Need: No. 111 Gun of Man’s Passion): Speak with Himiko on the morning that the Monokubs summon everyone to the gym. 
  • Chapter 4: (Item Need: No. 112 Pure-White Practice Sword): Speak with Kaito once the lengthy announcement completes.
  • Chapter 4: (Item Need: No: 113 Dark Belt): As soon as the sit-up training session wraps up, speak with Himiko on the same morning.

Note: Additionally, you could gain Key of Love at the casino for 10,000 casino coins. The item cannot be used until you complete Chapter Two and once used, it’s going to trigger a scene with a random character. It’s noteworthy that the scene is unsuitable for young audiences and should be reserved for grown-ups. It’s possible to use Key of Love in Love Across the Universe mode as well which makes it possible to obtain scenes of all characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The V In Danganronpa V3 Stand For?

In layman’s terms, “V” in “Danganronpa V3” stands for “Victory”. The Victory condition in the game is to be the last student standing so you must survive until the end. It’s easier said than done though as you must use your wits and skills to solve mysteries and murders while staying stay ahead of the others.

How Does Danganronpa V3 End?

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ends with a Class Trial in which the remaining students vote on who they think to be the “blackened”. The blackened is the student who killed another student and framed someone else for the murder. If most of the students vote correctly, the blackened is executed. On the other hand, if the students vote incorrectly, everyone but the blackened is executed.

What Happens If I Use The Key Of Love?

Key of Love is an item that can be used to create lasting relationships. In Danganronpa V3, Key of Love enables you to build strong bonds between characters and resolve conflicts in times of need.

How Many Characters Are There In The Game?

A total of sixteen characters exist in Danganronpa V3. 

Are Danganronpa 3 And V3 The Same?

No, Danganronpa 3 and V3 are not the same. Danganronpa 3 is the third main installment in the Danganronpa series, while V3 is a spin-off game released after Danganronpa 3. While both games feature similar mechanics and gameplay, they have different stories and settings.

How Many Free Times Do I Get In Danganronpa V3?

In Danganronpa V3, each class period is divided into three free time slots. In total, there are six possible free times that can be earned throughout the game. However, only four of these are available during a playthrough. The other two are unlocked after completing specific tasks.

Tips And Tricks

  • Pay attention during Free Time conversations. Some important information may be revealed that can help you solve murders.
  • During Free Time, you can give gifts to specific characters. They will remember the gift and may bring it up during Class Trials. (Alprazolam)
  • When using Truth Bullets to shoot down arguments, pay attention to the text in red. Those are lies and are much easier to shoot down.
  • Feel free to go to Options and turn on the subtitles if you must read text quickly.
  • If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to skip ahead as there is no penalty for doing so.
  • You can press the Triangle button at will to look at a character’s face and confirm their emotions.
  • If you are not sure who to vote for during the Class Trial, use the “Hint” option near the bottom of the screen to reveal who is most likely guilty.
  • Press the L3 button to see a character’s current status. That will let you see how much health a character has left. (Cialis)

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