Cultist Simulator Stag Door Riddle

Among discussions regarding the Mansus in Cultist Simulator, Cultist Simulator Stag Door Riddle is a topic that attracts a lot of attention. Unless players manage to solve the riddle, it’s impossible to continue on the way of the Mansus. Usually, as long as players go through the correct sequence of activities and answer the lore question correctly, the riddle is a breeze. Continue reading to be able to solve Stag Door Riddle on your own. 

How To Solve The Riddle

  • Step 1: Dream with Way: The White Door using Dedication to discover Stag Door Riddle Card.
  • Step 2: You should see a lore question in the tool tip of the card that you need to answer. The question changes from time to time but a lore fragment of the sixth magnitude is always used as the answer. Down below is a list of questions and answers for them:
    • Where is mercy found?: An Unmerciful Mantra
    • What are the words that make sacrifice sweet: A Delightful Sacrament
    • What must open, before this Way opens?: A Consent of Wounds
    • Where is the queen who was not born?: A Forgotten Chronicle
    • What may be lost?: An Ecdysiast’s Parable
  • Step 3: Assuming that you nail the answer and solve the riddle, you will receive Way: Through the Stag Door. At that point, you need to Dream using Desire to get to the Mansus and advance progression.

Tips And Tricks

Get Used To The Terms

New to Cultist Simulator? Then one of the first things you should do is educate yourself on the game’s unique terminologies. Pay attention to Aspects as well as Actions at the bottom right of your cards to learn what must be done. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to take note of the game board tokens called Verbs. 

Read Everything

In Cultist Simulator, there is no need for players to go through a tutorial session at the beginning. Instead, the game presents tooltips that you need to read to understand how things work in the game better. Because of that, it’s wise to read everything so you could comprehend the game mechanics. 

Save The Resources Cards 

The resource cards play a key role in the game and it’s tough to get a hold of them. You risk losing both Health and Funds, both of which keep you alive, if you get distracted for a second and. Thus, if possible, you should avoid using Health to look for a career and Funds for expeditions.  

Get Rid of Dread, Despair, And Fear

As you play, you could receive Fear, Dread or Despair card which may end your playthrough in a blink of an eye. If left unaddressed, Dread would transform into Despair and draw away resource cards at breakneck speed. You can protect yourself from the effects of Dread by choosing a Painting profession and employing Restlessness as a source of creative motivation.  Also, you can use Contentment card to Dream and prevent the Despair effect from taking place. 

Organize The Play Area

Over time, the play area is going to become cluttered as a result of the build-up of your cards. To make quick and precise decisions in the late stage of the game, you must categorize your cards in a way that makes sense. Feel free to pause the game to study and memorize what is on the table.


What is Cultist Simulator about?

In Cultist Simulator, you play as a nameless citizen in a nameless society. By taking specific actions at specific times, you could create a cultlike following. 

What do I need to resurrect a corpse in Cultist Simulator?

To raise a dead in Cultist Simulator, you need to have Winter, Edge and the Corpse. 

How can I summon the raw Prophet in Cultist Simulator?

The Raw Prophet in Cultist Simulator is a minion you can summon in two minutes. To do so, you need a minimum of 2 Moths, 6 Grails, and 2 Knocks.

Is Cultist Simulator available on mobile?

Cultist Simulator is available for play on mobile devices and the quality of the game remains uncompromised. 

How long does it take to complete Cultist Simulator?

On average, it takes 19 hours to complete a Cultist Simulator’s playthrough. Prepare to spend up to 34 hours to complete the main story as well as the extras.

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