Coming Out On Top All CG

You have a hard time unlocking Coming Out on Top all CG on your own and could use some help? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you what must be done to unlock the CG of every character in the game on your own. Read to the end to complete the CG collection of Coming Out on Top.

A Guide On Unlocking CG


Jack off with Ian’s lube and don’t return it. Next, run on a treadmill at the gym. You should test the app and end the game on good terms with Penny. Instead of going on dates, spend the entire game studying. 

Go along with Slurpy’s plan to kill your friends. When Slurpy tries to murder your friends, question him and murder him. 


(You automatically unlock one CG for completing his route). 

Play fair and play dirty during the competition scene give you a CG each. As a precaution, save as you’re about to write the poem. Get help from the ruler in times of need. Remember that each of the colors grants you a unique ending and the associated CG. 

Complete the route as normal. Feel free to abuse the skip feature. 


It’s possible to unlock half of Alex’s CG by going through his route normally. CG 3, 4, and 5 could be unlocked by kissing him in the office and choosing a different position. About CG 8, you must stop the kiss in the office. (Alprazolam)


Ask him to lick his starfish to get  CG 9. Also, if you cheat for him, you’ll earn CG 1 and 5. CG 2 could be unlocked by looking at the picture on his PC. You should be able to unlock CG 8 by telling Ian you’re jacking off and taking a dump. To unlock CG 6 to 7, opt to have fun with him after you finish his paper. (  

Last but not least, choose to fall asleep while cuddling with him to unlock CG 11, 12 and 13.


CG 4 could be unlocked if you chose to have sex with him when he enter your room while drunk. Choose between the positions CG during the ending to unlock CG 6, 7, 8, and 9. To unlock CG 10, don’t date anyone, save up 800 bucks and avoid having a rocky relationship with Ian. Go on a brofinder date with Theo to make a quick buck.


One half of the CG could be unblocked by being in the bottom position. As for the other half, you have to be in the top position. That means you have to play his route twice to unlock all of his CG. 


After leaving the sports bar, save. You could unlock CG 2 by giving him a BJ. It’s noteworthy that you could unlock CG 3 the same way but you must say that you’re hungry for you know what. You could unlock CG 5 by topping him.

Regarding CG 6 and 7, all you have to do is to let him top you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Game Is Coming Out On Top?

Coming Out on Top is a visual novel developed by Obscura (of Obscurasoft). In the game, you play the main character, a student at a prestigious college. You must manage your time wisely between studying, class, and socializing. Throughout the game, you will be presented with various choices that will affect your relationships with other characters

How Much Does Coming Out On Top Cost?

The game can be purchased on the company’s website, on Steam, and on for 14.99 USD.

Is It Coming Out OnTop On Steam?

When the game was released in 2013, it was not available on Steam so its level of accessibility was less than ideal back then. The game is now available on Steam though. 

Is Coming Out On Top Explicit?

While the game does not explicitly state that the protagonist is engaging in sexual activity, the implications should be clear. The player is given the opportunity to select various sexual acts and positions. Also, you could engage in virtual “foreplay” with other characters. As a result, it is safe to say that Coming Out on Top is indeed an explicit title.

How Many Characters Are In Coming Out On Top?

There are a total of 24 playable characters in Coming Out On Top. Each character has its own unique storyline and personality, making for interesting gameplay and replay value. The player is able to choose which character they want to play, and can also romance any of the other characters, regardless of gender. This makes for a very inclusive game that allows the player to explore their sexuality in a safe and fun environment.

Tips And Tricks

  • When starting a new playthrough, make sure to read all of the available story content before making any decisions. You don’t want to accidentally miss out on key information or scenes.
  • There are three main routes you can take in the game, each of which leads to a distinct ending. Pay attention to the choices you make throughout the game as they will affect which route you ultimately end up taking.
  • The game features various minigames and side activities, such as going to the gym or going on dates. While they may not seem important at first, taking part in activities can help improve your stats and unlock new content later on.
  • Depending on your choices, you can unlock a wide range of endings. To see all endings, you will need to replay the game multiple times and make other choices along the way.

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