SOLVED! City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One

Released in 2020, City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One contains everything that people could expect from visual novels: thrilling interactions, diverse characters, rich backstory, … You have heard good things about PhillyGame but still don’t know whether City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One is for you? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could show you everything that you should keep in mind about City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One. 

A Review Of City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One


City of Broken Dreamers is all about exploring an interconnected world where your path is shaped by a series of choices. There is a consequence for every action which could be either positive or negative. 

  • 7 chapters.
  • 5.300 high-quality 3D images that render at 1920 x 1080.
  • 28 soundtracks.
  • Glossary.
  • Replay theater.
  • Optional side games.


The game centers on the dark areas of a city where people never sleep and it is a haven for criminal activities—drugs, illegal gaming etc. One interesting thing about the area is that it also attracts the corporate elite in society. You play the role of the Ghost who is a bounty hunter that stops at nothing to hunt down the targets. However, your troubled past still haunts you as you carry out your duties.

Graphics And Design

City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One contains aesthetically appealing graphics in most of the cases. It features cyberpunk and sci-fi style designs that mix well together. You would get immersed in the rich setting of the game thanks to the sounds and music present in multiple segments. The photo-realistic arts shine on the monitor’s screen as well. 


As a visual novel, City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One requires you to think carefully before opting for a course of action. Still, you have the freedom of playing the game as you see fit as there is no such thing as wrong answers. That being said, if you like to follow a specific path, it’s a good idea to look for a guide


All in all, City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One is a solid choice for those that like PhillyGames titles and Adult-Only (AO) games in general. From beginning to end, the 1st entry of the City Of Broken Dreamers series keeps players hooked. Hence, if you have time to kill and money to spend, it won’t hurt to pick up  City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One. 



Is City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One free to play?

Currently, City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One costs ‎$9.99 on Steam. Compared to its contemporaries, the game is not exactly expensive. 

What are the characters in City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One? 

  • Chandra: Chandra is a punkish rebel that believes she is an expert but she is still young and needs to learn many things. Even though her score and lust have considerable influence, it is best to focus on the former.
  • Gloria: Gloria is compassionate as well as innocent. She doesn’t have any explicit scenes in City Of Broken Dreamers: Book One. While dealing with Gloria, you need to score highly but a healthy balance works too. 
  • Ellen: Ellen is one character that completely dislikes BS and excuses which means she will only respect you if you act honestly around her. Her score is undoubtedly more important than lust but having some lust won’t hurt 
  • Victoria: Victoria is tricky as she is willing to go to great lengths to get what she wants and gets sad when things don’t go her way. Thus, you should be cautious as Victoria isn’t loyal and prioritize score. (Tramadol) Victoria is already a sexual being by nature so lust is secondary and several points should be enough. 
  • Katie: Katie is the neighborhood Ghost doctor and can be extremely cautious and a great leader. She quickly lets you know when she is upset. It’s best to be cautious around Katie as she is shy. You’ll want to aim for a balance between lust and score in order to obtain the best outcomes.

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