Cities: Skylines “Not Enough Buyers”

Regarding Cities: Skylines “Not enough buyers”, the lack of demand is the number one suspect so you should scale down industrial zones in your city. Other solutions include increasing the size of commercial zones, moving commercial zones closer to industrial zones, turning on commercial policies, etc. Continue reading to learn what must be done to get rid of the issue and optimize the growth of your city.

What Is Going On

  • Overall, if industrial zones produce more products than commercial zones could handle, supply would soon exceed demand and Cities: Skylines “Not enough buyers” is the consequence. Thus, it’s a good idea to give industrial zones some thought.
  • In case you don’t know, once produced, products from industrial zones must be transported to commercial zones. Thus, if the distance between the zones is too great, it’s only natural for your industries to be labeled “not enough buyer” .
  • Industry policies boost the output of industrial zones but they could lead to excessive production. Because of that, once it comes to Cities: Skylines “Not enough buyers”, you should take policies into account. (

Actions To Take

  • Scale down industrial zones: Decrease the number of industries until the output of industrial zones matches the need of commercial zones. By doing so, you should be able to address Cities: Skylines “Not enough buyers” in no time.
  • Increase the size of commercial zones: If you cannot scale down industrial zones, it’s strongly recommended that you increase the size of commercial zones. As commercial zones expand, the need for products is going to rise. Therefore, you could narrow and eventually close the gap between supply and demand.
  • Move commercial zones closer to industrial zones: If you reduce the distance between industrial zones and commercial zones, products should take less time to reach the customers. That would be more than enough to eliminate the “Not enough buyers” issue.
  • Turn on commercial policies: As the name suggests, commercial policies boost market activities which increase the sales of products. If you turn on commercial policies, you don’t have to worry too much about industrial zones making more products than what  commercial zones could sell.

Additional Gameplay Tips

Master The Roads

In Cities: Skylines, different roads have different characteristics so beginners should learn about roads before using them. For example, roads that have lined-up trees could reduce noise pollution. On the other hand, if you need to reduce traffic, two-way roads work wonders.

Pay Attention To Traffic Flow Map 

Keeping an eye on traffic flow map would help you track problematic areas in your city. However, you do not always need to take action when you, especially at intersections between roads. Depending on the situation, you should consider building a roundabout to facilitate traffic at crossroads.

Prioritize Education

There is little you can do in Cities: Skylines if you have a poorly educated population. Commercial zones only flourish if the workforce receives proper education the land value increases when you bring a school to the neighborhood. Thus, it’s wise to build a series of schools across the city and increase the educational budget.

Build Plazas And Parks

In Cities: Skylines, you need to secure a steady source of income to sustain the growth of your city. That is why it won’t hurt to build as many plazas and parks in your city as possible.

Invest In Public Transports

A pragmatic way to manage traffic in your city is to set up public transportation services: railway, bus, … While adding railway lines, you should allow them to go through areas that do not have buildings. Otherwise, you have to demolish existing structures.

Create Landfill Sites

Waste management is important in every city so you should place a couple of landfill sites. Keep in that instead of putting landfill sites close together, spread them out. Waste disposal trucks go in and out of landfill sites from time to time so there will be traffic congestion if you locate all landfill sites in one area. If waste disposal trucks have a hard time moving around, garbage inevitably piles up and your city is going to be affected before long.

Relocate Public Buildings

As time passes by, it’s highly likely that you have to review your city plan. For instance, you intend to build new roads through areas with existing buildings to fix traffic congestion. However, it’s noteworthy that instead of demolishing public buildings such as schools and hospitals, you should move them to other locations.

Calculate A Sound Budget

You have complete control over the budget and areas you allocate enough money would grow accordingly. Here is an example: if you increase budgetary allocation to schools, schools could accommodate more students. That means instead of building more schools, you only need to allocate more budget to existing schools.

Cities: Skylines-Related Questions

Is Cities: Skyline free to play?

No, Cities: Skylines is not free-to-play nowadays. It was previously free to play on Epic Games Store until March 17, 2022.

Could I play Cities: Skylines available on mobile devices?

At the moment, there is no mobile version of Cities: Skylines. However, there is a similar game on Android known as SimCity.

What are the System requirements for Cities: Skylines?

To be able to run Cities: Skylines on your  PC, you need a minimum of 4GB RAM, Windows XP, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512MB.

Does Cities: Skylines require Internet connection?

You don’t need to connect your PC to the Internet to play Cities: Skylines.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Cities: Skylines?

There is no multiplayer mode in Cities: Skylines as the game was created to be a single-player game.

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