Cheat Engine Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition

Like the original Divinity Original: Sin, Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition features unforgiving gameplay so cheat engine Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition is a hotly discussed topic. You want to use cheat engines to give your party an edge in Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition but don’t know the way? In that case, you have come to the right place.

How to Use A Cheat Engine In Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition

  • Step 1: Look for a Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition cheat engine (for instance: FearLess), download and install it. Remember to pick up the associated Cheat engine table as well. 
  • Step 3: Launch the game then load your save.
  • Step 4: Double-click the CheatEngine table file ending with ct to open it and pick the Select a process to open button in the top left 
  • Step 5: Go to the game directory, look for the file EoCApp.exe which is preceded by a hex number, select Open and choose Yes
  • Step 6: Click Hero Pointers in the bottom list. After you finish, identify the character from Hero 1 to 4. 
  • Step 7: In the ‘Upgrade Points’ section, apply changes as you like by tweaking the value
  • Step 8: Go back to the game, save and load for the modification to take effect 

Note: In the case that you have a hard time checking boxes in the cheat engine, close the program as well as the game then start over.

What Can I Change Via Cheat Engines Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition? 

By using the cheat engine, you can freely adjust the attribute, ability, talent points and so much more. However, keep in mind that there is no option to add skills or skill books. That means you need to either find or buy skills/skill books if you plan to change the builds completely. 

What Do Attributes Do In Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition?

They represent the characters’ base stats in Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition. At the start, you will be given five points for each attribute and another five attribute points to allocate as you want. The moment you level up, another attribute point will be available for you to allocate. 

What Must I Do To Level Up? 

Leveling up requires XP and you should be able to gain XP by defeating the enemies, finishing main/side quests, exploring new locations, NPC interactions, crafting, etc.

What Are Talents In Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition? 

Talents act as passive abilities that change the characters permanently. Their effects are several such as improving the strength of the characters, removing the weaknesses and altering the ways the character looks during combats. Yet, the talents are not available at the start of the game and you can only obtain them once per few weeks. 

Can I Check My Defense Stats? 

Yes, you just need to go to the Character Sheet and check the values of the defenses. You should remember that there are 5 types of defense stats that protect you from physical as well as elemental attacks. 

What Should I Do If The Enemies Prove Too Strong? 

For your information, enemies in the game do not scale up with the player’s levels and they have a fixed level. Still, it is possible for you to run into an absurdly strong group of enemies out of the blue. To avoid being steamrolled, make sure that you do everything in the current area prior to moving to the next. By doing so, you could optimize the odds of winning battles. 

Is It Possible To Avoid Slipping On Ice? 

Yes, there are two ways to avoid slipping on ice. The first one is to walk and you can do that by holding the left mouse while putting the cursor near the character. In combat, slipping is quite dangerous because you will be vulnerable to attacks so it is advisable to use some kind of fire magic to melt the ice beforehand. 

Can I Befriend An Angry NPC? 

The NPC actually reacts differently to different members of your party. If an NPC is mad at you, you should try to approach that character with another party member. It is suggested that you unlink that character from the rest of the party. Also, you should sheathe your weapon before talking to prevent the NPC from being furious. 

Can I Play Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Using Divinity: Original Sin’s Saves? 

No, that is not possible. Most players misunderstand that Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition is like a DLC to the original game. In reality, the game is a completely standalone title. 

Why Can I Run Divinity Original: Sin But Not Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition? 

The reason is that the system requirements vary between titles. If your PC struggles to run  Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition, it might not match system requirements of the game. Still, instead of giving up. you should reduce the resolution and texture settings then see how things turn out when you launch the game. 

Is There A Multiplayer Mode In Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition? 

Yes, but the game only supports local co-op which means that it is only possible to play with a friend in split-screen mode. The host is going to control one of the two main characters and the other player controls the remaining character. 

Does Divinity Original: Sin Enhanced Edition Have An Editor? 

No, the game does not have an editor. Also, you cannot use mods from Divinity Original: Sin since there are too many changes in the Enhanced Edition. 

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