Borderlands 2 Failed To Create D3D9 Device

All in all, once it comes to the best first-person shooter games in the last decade, different players tend to think of different titles. That being said, most fans of the FPS genre deem Borderlands 2 of Gearbox Software to be a must-play game. From the story to the gameplay, everything about Borderlands 2 receives a shower of praises from critics. Borderlands 2 still frustrates players on occasions though and Borderlands 2 failed to create D3D9 Device is a prime example.

An Analysis Of The Error 

Borderlands 2

Unable to play Borderlands 2 as the game keeps experiencing the D3D9 error upon launch? In that case, this article may be of use to you. Down below is everything that you must know while troubleshooting the failure to create D3D9 Device of Borderlands 2.

The Usual Suspects 

Borderlands 2 could act up every now and then but if you come across the D3D9 error, you should take these possibilities into account.


Compared to its contemporaries, Borderlands 2 is a stable game that runs smoothly on a multitude of setups. Nonetheless, it’s worth pointing out that Borderlands 2 still runs into a number of bugs out of the blue. ( Usually, once they show up, bugs on Borderlands would interrupt a wide range of operations including the creation of D3D9. That is why you need to give bugs some thought if you have a hard time launching Borderlands 2 due to D3D9 error.


For your information, the game files of Borderlands 2 could become corrupted for all sorts of reasons. For instance, if you mess around with the game files even though you know little about how things work, you may corrupt them. In addition, corruption is going to plague the game files of Borderlands 2 if programs on your computer execute operations that alter their status. Unless you manage to get rid of the corruption, the D3D9 error should prevent the game from launching correctly.


In case you don’t know, you have the option of changing the resolution that Borderlands 2 runs in at any time. Assuming that the display of your computer supports the resolution you choose, the game would launch with relative ease. On the other hand, if you select an unsupported resolution, the appearance of the D3D9 error is one of the consequences. Naturally, a lot of troubleshooting guides name resolution as a potential culprit when Borderlands 2 failed to create D3D9 Device.

Obsolete Graphics Card Driver  

The driver of your graphics card is responsible for telling the computer and other components how to use the card. That means if you want to get the most out of your graphic card, you must keep the card driver up-to-date. If you neglect driver updates, it’s only a matter of time before problems such as the D3D9 error manifest. On the bright side, if an obsolete driver is behind the failure to create D3D9, you don’t have to do much to fix the error.

Steam Cloud 

In layman’s terms, Steam Cloud is a type of Cloud storage hosted by Steam and Steam games could store data on it. By taking advantage of Steam Cloud, players should be able to play games, save progress and others using multiple computers. Still, from time to time, Steam Cloud may bug out which leads to a couple of errors like the one with D3D9. Because of that, you have to keep Steam Cloud in mind as you troubleshoot the failure to create D3D9 of Borderlands 2.

Getting Borderlands 2 To Launch: Suggestions 

After Borderlands 2 failed to create D3D9 Device upon launch, different players resorted to different fixes to rectify the error. However, if you place the odds of success above all else, you should try out these measures.


There is nothing special about restart but it’s by all accounts one of the best solutions for bugs. Bugs usually go away following a restart and that restores quite a few operations to normal. Hence, if you notice the D3D9 error while playing Borderlands 2, you have to restart your computer at the earliest opportunity. When the screen comes back on, launch Borderlands 2 again and see how things turn out.

Free Game Files Of Corruption 

Once it comes to corrupted games files, it’s a good idea to consider uninstallation and reinstallation. In the case that you play on Steam and don’t want to deal with the hassle of uninstalling/reinstalling Borderlands 2, Verify integrity of files is a solid alternative. To initiate the verification, launch Steam, go into Library and right-click  Borderlands 2. Afterward, select Properties, choose Local Files and pick Verify integrity of files.

The verification is going to look for differences between games files on your computer and those on the Steam server then commence repair/replacement. That should put an end to the corruption in the game files.

Change The Display Resolution 

Generally speaking, it’s possible to change the resolution that Borderlands 2 runs in via a number of ways. One way to apply changes to resolution is to use the companion program of your graphics card. Launch the companion program, open the list of resolutions and choose one that your display supports. By doing so, you would be able to avoid the  D3D9 error as you launch the game.

Update The Graphics Card Driver 

You could update the driver using the companion program of the graphics card. If an update for the driver is available, the companion program is going to present you with an update option. For ease of convenience, you may want to configure the companion program so it downloads future driver updates automatically. (tramadol) It’s noteworthy that aside from companion programs, some websites also host updates for graphics card drivers.

Disable Steam Cloud 

You suspect that Steam Cloud is the one behind the D3D9 error as you have crossed out everything else? Then it’s strongly recommended that you disable Steam Cloud at the earliest opportunity.

  • Step 1: Launch Steam
  • Step 2: Click Steam, choose Settings and pick Cloud
  • Step 3: Uncheck Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications which support it.

After you finish disabling  Steam Cloud, launch Borderlands 2  and see if the D3D9 error persists. If the game launches smoothly, feel free to re-enable Steam Cloud when it suits you.

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Do I Need A Strong Computer To Run Borderlands 2?

All in all, Borderlands 2 is an old title so you don’t need a monster gaming rig to play it. If you build your computer with modern components, there is a very good chance that Borderlands 2 would run smoothly on it. That being said, you should take a look at the requirements of Borderlands 2 to optimize the settings.

What Is The Length Of Borderlands 2?

On average, it takes casual players around 30 hours to complete the storyline Borderlands 2. In the case that you intend to explore all aspects of the game, you should prepare to invest at least 100 hours.

Can I Play Borderlands 2 With Mods?

It’s possible to play Borderlands 2 with mods but to do so, you have to go through a couple of steps. In the beginning, you must download and install Borderlands Community Mod Manager (BLCMM). Next, you have to get Unofficial Community Patch (UCP) for Borderlands 2 then proceed to put it inside the game (steam/steamapps/common/borderlands2/binaries/). After that, use BLCMM to import UCP, launch Borderlands 2, press F6 in the main menu, type in ”exec Patch.txt” and enter.

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