Bodyslide Not Working Skyrim

If you use Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies (CBBE) mod and notice Bodyslide not working Skyrim, you should determine whether the body and the outfit belong to the same slider. Furthermore, it’s wise to tweak the load order to ensure that there is no other mod after CBBE. You don’t know your way around CBBE and Bodyslide? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. (thedentalspa)  

A List Of Solutions

Check Out The Sliders

To get the most out of Bodyslide, you should keep the sliders in mind while choosing body and outfit. That means if the body is 3BA, the outfit must be 3BBB SMP as well. In the case that you notice discrepancies between the sliders, feel free to make the necessary changes.

Tweak The Load Order

If you use a lot of mods while playing Skyrim, it’s widely advised that you take a look at the load order. Poor load order could result in mods overwriting each other and Bodyslide is not an exception. One way to tweak the load order is to go to the mod organizer and apply modifications there. Regarding CBBE, it only works if it’s the last mod in the load order.

Think About The Location

As mentioned above, there is no way mods could work if the mod organizer is located in a restricted location. If your mod organizer currently resides in directories that require administrator privileges, go through the steps down below to relocate it:

  • Step 1: Locate your mod organizer shortcut, right-click it and pick Open File Location from the list of options.
  • Step 2: If the installation location of your mod organizer is in a system-level folder, move it to a more accessible location.
  • Step 3: Launch Skyrim, load the mods and see how things turn out.

Note: If you use Vortex to manage mods for Skyrim and Bodyslide won’t work for some reason, it won’t hurt to restart Vortex. While it works well in most of the cases, Vortex still acts up out of the blue every now and then. To bring Vortex back to normal, all you have to do is to restart it.

Install Requirement

Generally speaking, Bodyslide requires XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, FNIS (Fores New Idles in Skyrim), and HDT Physics Extension. It’s important to point out that several versions of the mods exist and each of them supports a version of Skyrim (Anniversary Edition, Special Edition, etc). Needless to say, as you install requirements, make sure that you take your version of Skyrim into account. If you get the wrong version of the mods, it’s impossible to make use of Bodyslide. (



In CBBE, you could see two sliders: 3BA and 3BBB SMP. While these two sliders originate from the same mod, they have unique characteristics. Thus, if you select a body from the 3BA slider and choose an outfit from the 3BBB SMP slider, it’s only natural that Bodyslide won’t work.

Load Order 

For your information, Skyrim mods could only perform to their full potential if you nail the load order. If you mess up the load order, you would have a hard time getting the mods to work. Because of that, about Bodyslide not working Skyrim, it’s strongly recommended that you give load order some thought. On the bright side, if load order is responsible for the issue, there is no need to do much. 


Your mod organizer is located in a location that requires administrator privileges for access? Then Skyrim could act up as it loads mods and Bodyslide not working Skyrim is one of the consequences. 


The use of Bodyslide is not always smooth-sailing and it only takes one mod organizer error for things to go haywire. That is why if Bodyslide is not working, you should add error in your list of suspects. 


In case you don’t know, Bodyslide and CBBE cannot work by themselves. To get the mods to work, you have to look up the requirements and make sure that you have them on your PC.

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