Bloodskal Blade Not Working

Skyrim by Bethesda Game Studios is a solid game for many reasons and the diversity of in-game weapons is one of them. Currently, Skyrim players can wield whatever they like but once it comes to two-handed weapons, Bloodskal Blade is always a good choice. It is an absolute beast for melee battles where you have to take out many enemies. However, it’s worth pointing out that people complain about Bloodskal Blade not working every now and then. 

Bloodskal Blade Won’t Work: Causes


Quite a few mods, such as the Improved Combat Mod, can interfere with the function of weapons such as Bloodskal Blade. Hence, if you notice Bloodskal Blade not working, you should give mods some thought. 


Skyrim is well-known for being buggy so sometimes, it acts up for no reason at all. If you have a hard time getting Bloodskal Blade to work, take hiccups into account. 


In Skyrim, people can take advantage of console commands to instantly get their hands on various items. However, if you acquire your Bloodskal Blade via the console, there is a good chance that it won’t work as expected. The reason is simple: the script that manages the energy wave of Bloodskal Blade is attached to the weapon’s quest. Thus, if you get your Bloodskal Blade using the console, expect issues. 


In case you don’t know, the energy wave of Bloodskal Blade only activates in certain conditions. For example, the blade can’t release the energy wave if you crouch. Aside from that, if you fight on horseback, there is no way to unleash the energy wave of Bloodskal Blade.


If you give your Bloodskal Blade to a follower before or during a fight, he/she won’t be able to activate the energy wave. To followers, Bloodskal Blade is an ordinary two-han

Vampire Lord 

It’s possible to transform into a vampire lord while using Bloodskal Blade. However, Bloodskal Blade may not work properly once you revert to human form.

Bloodskal Blade Not Working: Solutions 


  • Step 1: Launch your Skyrim 
  • Step 2: Open the console by pressing the “~” key on your keyboard.
  • Step 3: Run the command player.setav rightitemcharge 99999.


  • Step 1: Launch Skyrim and open the console.
  • Step 2: Type in help bloodskal. This command will allow you to see the IDs of the horizontal and vertical effects of the Bloodskal Blade.
  • Step 3: Enter player.equipspell <ID> left to equip one of the effects in your left hand.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to equip both effects in both hands simultaneously. Furthermore, the Bloodskal Blade should be equipped before running console commands.

Get Into Third Person Mode

If you were experiencing the Bloodskal Blade not working problem while playing Skyrim in first-person mode, switch to third-person mode. That is a basic procedure but it works wonders at addressing problems such as  Bloodskal Blade not working. 

Remove Mods

Interference from mods is often the reason why a lot of glitches or “bugs” happen in Skyrim.  The interference could be coming from any of the mods, especially if they’re obsolete or corrupted. If you have the Improved Combat mod installed in your Skyrim game, remove or temporarily disable it. You may also want to consider removing/disabling all your mods.

Cycle Weapons

Another solution for Bloodskal Blade not working is to cycle through your weapons. The weapon may not be working due to in-game glitches. By changing the equipped weapon, you could get rid of the glitches and restore Bloodskal Blade to normal. 

Learn How To Use Bloodskal Blade 

In the beginning, remember that you can only activate the energy wave of Bloodskal Blade while standing. Similarly, to activate a vertical power attack, you should either be standing or moving forward. On the other hand, to activate a horizontal energy wave, you should be moving sideways (in either direction) or backward. 

Drop Bloodskal Blade And Pick It Up

You like playing as a vampire lord? Then if you have a hard time using Bloodskal Blade, drop the weapon and pick it up again. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Invest in two-handed perks and enchants. Bloodskal Blade is a two-handed weapon so to put it to good use, you need to pay attention to things that affect the performance of two-handed weapons. Having two-handed perks attached to your gear will make the Bloodskal Blade easier for you to use. 
  • Don’t forget that you cannot use Elemental Fury with Bloodskal Blade because its “innate” perks don’t allow that. On the bright side, you should be able to combine the Bloodskal Blade’s energy wave with Become Ethereal shout without any issues.
  • You can use the energy waves from your Bloodskal Blade to knock over lanterns. The waves themselves cannot be used to set oil on fire though.
  • Unlike other enchanted weapons in Skyrim, the enchantment on the Bloodskal Blade doesn’t run out so there’s no need to recharge it.

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