Blood Stone Divinity: Original Sin

Unlike other items in Divinity: Original Sin, Blood Stone could either be consumed or serve as a quest item so Blood Stone Divinity: Original Sin is a hotly discussed topic. New to Divinity: Original Sin and don’t know what to do once it comes to Blood Stone? Then this article could help you out. Down below is all the information about Blood Stone in Divinity: Original Sin that you should keep in mind. 

An Overview Of Blood Stone 

All in all, in Divinity: Original Sin, Blood Stone is converted from Star Sone taken after tearing the Tapestry of Time apart. It is considered a single-use artifact that features a healing effect if kept in a stable state. Additionally, Blood Stone can also be used to open portals in Homestead. Last but not least, you need to have Blood Stone to complete two quests in the Luculla Forest. 

You could sell Blood Stone for 324 fold. Once used, Blood Stone instantly becomes an inert stone which only sells for 1 gold.  

Locations Of Blood Stone Divinity: Original Sin

  • Theyron’s Healing House: You should get the Blood Stone from Evelyn after saving either Boris or Steven. Also, you can pickpocket Evelyn to get it. 
  • King Crab Inn: Head to the scene of Councillor Jake’s murder and conduct a search. 
  • The bridge that connects Cyseal and Luculla Forest: Search near the Waypoint Portal.
  • Pontius’s ship: Search Pontius’s chests. 
  • Braccus Rex’s room: Go to the northeast corner then open Braccus Rex’s personal belongings chest using the right key or an unlock scroll and search.
  • Immaculate Trial: Search the last area of the dungeon after solving the final puzzle.
  • Maradino’s Lab: Search the secret room.
  • First encounter with Mangoth: The choices that you make will grant either a star stone or a Blood Stone. 
  • Goblin Village: Destroy the totem. 
  • Immaculate church in Silverglen: Two Blood Stone are hidden in the cellar which can only be entered after meeting Loic at the end of the Immaculate trial.
  • Boreas’ treasure vault.
  • Hiberheim prison: Destroy the talking Iron Maiden. 
  • Knight’s Tomb: Open the sarcophagus.
  • Source Temple: Search near the broken Teleport Mirror.
  • Temple of the Dead: Search the eye of the stone titan head above Cassandra’s true corpse 
  • Source Temple: Approach Zandalor and you will see a blood tone hanging on his neck. 


Do I need to play Divinity games in order? 

It is not necessary as the games in the Divinity series feature self-contained stories. The lore and maps are also quite flexible so you do not need to be knowledgeable to understand what is going on. About the mechanics and combat style, different games have different elements. 

What differs Divinity: Original Sin from Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition? 

The enhanced edition brings lots of valuable additions, especially the movable camera. This feature is helpful since it lets players observe the surrounding area as well as reduces the difficulty of puzzles. 

Which engine does Divinity: Original Sin use? 

The game is run on the engine created by Larrian Studios, the developers of the game. This engine is also found in Dragon Commander. (theclickreader)  

Is it possible to create my own character? 

Yes and you get to create two characters. Things that you can customize at the start of the game include gender, appearance, stat points for the desired builds and the first skills. 

Does Divinity: Original Sin feature friendly fire? 

Yes so watch out or you might unintentionally eliminate your allies in battles. 

Could I avoid combat by talking in Divinity: Original Sin?

The answer is yes, but it only works in some cases and you also need to make the right choices.

Do choices matter in this game? 

Yes, your choices influence the party and also the world. The consequence might come immediately, but sometimes it will occur after 1 or 2 hours. 

How does co-op work in Divinity: Original Sin? 

Co-op in this game is a drop-in/drop-out type. That means you can join your friend during his/ her game and take control of one of the two characters. 

How big can a party be in Divinity: Original Sin? 

Each of the two main heroes can hire a henchman or summon elementals for combat. Thus, a party can have up to four members. 

What can I do with the henchmen in Divinity: Original Sin? 

To make battles easier, you can equip the henchmen with items, increase their levels and control the inventories. 

How long should it take to complete Divinity: Original Sin? 

The length of a playthrough depends on you. Most players need around 40 hours to complete the game. If you want to strive to see all aspects of the game, prepare to spend up to  100 hours. 

Are characters’ appearances changeable in Divinity: Original Sin? 

The appearance of characters is based on the equipment that they are wearing. By changing the equipment, you could change the look of your characters.

What are the combat patterns in Divinity: Original Sin? 

When your turn comes, you could spend Action Points to move, attack, cast spells, use items, change items and so on. Turn order is decided by initiative. Moreover, there are also other rules like flanking, backstabbing and attack of opportunity. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Paintings are tremendously valuable in the early game. 
  • Save the game as frequently as possible.
  • Do not engage if the enemies are two levels above you. 
  • Win every single debate game by pressing the ] to change the character and then press [ to change back after the playing window comes up. 
  • Never leave your character hungry for long.
  • Walk on ice to avoid slipping.
  • Sheathe weapons before talking to NPCs.


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