Better Cities Esp Not Active

Once it comes to Better Cities esp not active, some of the files must be missing and you must find them. One way is to go through the What Does Each File Do document of  Better Cities, get to know the files and make sure you have every file. You like Syrim but don’t know how to troubleshoot its issues? In that case, check out this article to get the most out of Better Cities mod while playing Oblivion

What Might Have Gone Wrong

All in all, the Better Cities mod consists of a number of files and it only works if every file is present. In the case that some files go missing, Better Cities esp not active is one of the consequences. Unless you take action, there is no way to get Better Cities to work in Oblivion. 

A List Of Solutions

Regarding mod issues, Oblivion could rely on many tools but mod managers work best for most of the time. If you have hard time using the  Better Cities mod, feel free to give mod managers ago.

  • Step 1: Open Wrye Bash mod manager.
  • Step 2: You should see several red-colored entries in Wrye Bash. Proceed to click each of the entries to reveal a screen listing all master files.
  • Step 3: There is going to be at least one file that is absent. That means you need to download the file,  install it and use LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) to optimize load order. After you finish, launch Oblivion and see how things turn out. 

Tips And Tricks

Take Advantage Of Nilphas Omellian 

Nilphas Omellian is the best merchant in the game and you can get excellent bargains from him. He resides in “The Merchants Inn” in the market district of Imperial City. Nilphas

is only an apprentice trader so you should sell things to him but he only buys items valued at up to 2,000 gold.

Grab Brusef’s Ameleon Armor

Ameleon Armor is a solid set of armor made of white ebony and white steel. Ameleon Armor is located at the tomb of Ameleon, north of Layawin along the east side of the river. 

  • The shield is hidden behind a crate
  • The helmet is at the back of some whisp stalks next to the pit at the end
  • The gauntlets lie on the ground at the point of no return.

Save Before Using Oblivion Gate

If you save your game before going through an Oblivion Gate and it’s not what you want, you can reload and choose again. That trick workers regarding Sigil Stones.

Make Use Of Preset Classes

Acrobatics is probably the best skill to level up, particularly at the beginning of the game; nevertheless, you should use the class that best suits the playstyle you want to adopt. It is wise to choose the preset classes closest to what you wish for instead of deducing the balance between magic, combat, weapons and skills.

Give Spell Some Thought 

As you progress, it’s a good idea to spend some time studying the game’s magic system. One of the key distinctions between Oblivion and Skyrim is that you can concoct spells in Oblivion, ridiculous ones included. Still, in most of the cases, you should lean into either Restoration or Alteration for support spells. Such spells give a good account of himself regardless of class.

Remember To Speak To Everyone 

You have to interact with NPCs to unlock quests so you should speak to everyone whenever you have the opportunity. Start early with faction lines like The Fighters’ Guild, The Mages’ Guild, and The Dark Brotherhood. (can i buy zolpidem online) Afterward, you need to level up, pick up weapons and so on instead of taking on late-game quests. 

How Come Some Areas In Skingrad Castle Seem Invisible?

If you view the castle from a great distance, it’s possible that the castle won’t appear completely. Get closer and you should be able to see the entire structure. For your information, each object in the game is a mesh. If you focus on some objects, their appearance would change depending on the sentence. A couple of objects continue to be visible as your character moves farther away from them though.

What Is The Best Fix For FPS Drop?

Overall, FPS will drop if there are too many objects and NPCs to be rendered within a small space. Other factors that affect FPS include settings, mods, hardware, etc. 

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