Best Town Of Salem Death Notes

Town of Salem is a multiplayer RPG where players take up all sorts of roles then test out their ability to lie and detect lies. To come out on top in a match, players must use everything at their disposal and Death Note is one of them. New to the game and don’t know how to write a good  Death Note? In that case, check out this article for some of the best Town Of Salem Death Notes.

How To Write The Best Town Of Salem Death Notes

Death Note is a 400-character-long note where players record the deaths of each of their victims. It’s noteworthy that the Jailor uses a unique type of Death Note that records reasons for executing prisoners. Death Notes stay open throughout the match so all players can view them at will which makes them a good way to circulate information anonymously. Different people play the game differently so the community is at odds about how to write the Best Town of Salem Death Note.

All in all, Death Notes that includes puns, jokes and poetries prove popular in most of the cases.  


Walk up to the club like wassup I got a big knife.


Knife to meet you. Heh heh, get it? You don’t think it’s funny? Fine, die then


Mama, just killed a man

Put a gun against his head

Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead

Mama, life had just begun

But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away

A Novice’s Guide

Pretend To Be The Sheriff

The easiest way to defeat the Mafia is to impersonate the Sheriff. The Sheriff in Town of Salem is an influential role that without whom, the entire town can go into disarray. This trick will help spare the town because the Mafia will typically go after the Sheriff, and you don’t want them to spot the real Sheriff. However, it is risky, but this way, you can bid enough time for the main Sheriff to investigate the Mafia and apprehend them while they are busy trying to figure out who the Sheriff is.

Use Your Will Properly

Every player in the Town of Salem has a Will, and its information is revealed after the player’s death. Many players use theirs to share funny jokes, but here is the best way to use them. Always make sure your Will is ready before night’s end.

  • If you play an investigative role like the Sheriff, write down the names of suspects and clues you have on them.
  • For a protective role like Bodyguard or Doctor, write down names of people you attended to and issues they had 
  • As a Jailor, write the name of the inmates
  • As a Spy, write down quotes from Mafia conversations
  • As a Medium, write the words of the dead
  • Whatever your role, note down the suspected Mafia

Think Like The Mafia

The Mafia goes after players for different reasons so it helps to predict whom the Mafia may go after and stop them accordingly. 

  • First Case: In the Town of Salem, there are eight Townies, of which two are the Mafia. If the Mafia suspect convinces a mob to lynch Townie A and Townie B convinces the mob that the accused is innocent, there is a good chance that the Mafia will go after Townie B. If you are a Bodyguard, you can watch over Townie B and take out one of the Mafia. If you are a Jailer, you can take Townie B into custody to save him from the Mafia
  • Second Case: Let’s assume Townie A interrogates Townie B during a town meeting and Townie B refuses to answer until the day ends and no one is lynched. In that case, Townie A is an Interrogator, and Townie B might be a Mafia.

It also means A’s life will be in danger so if you are a jailor, take B into custody or convince other security roles to detain him.

Keep An Eye Out For Lies

To lynch a Mafia, you need to uncover who is telling the truth and lying. Most players lie to some degree and here is how to determine their role:

  • To catch someone pretending to be a Spy, whisper something to another player and ask the spy to repeat what you whispered. If he can’t, then he is fake.
  • To catch someone pretending to be a Doctor, ask him to come to treat you at night while you ask a Vigilante to try to kill you. If you die, he is a serial killer or Mafia
  • To catch someone pretending to be a Transporter, ask him to swap you with another friend. If both of you aren’t transported, he is fake
  • To catch someone pretending to be an Investigator as him to investigate you. If by the next day he isn’t able to, lynch him.

Observer How Other Players Act

The action of other players can give them away if you pay attention. 

  • When people are voting to lynch someone, check out the ones that they may be working for Mafia without saying anything.
  • Whenever a person is exonerated after voting, keep an eye on those who voted guilty.
  • Watch out for a player who is too quiet or too loud; they may be suspects.
  • If a player is anxious to lynch someone even without evidence, the person may be an executioner. Take note of such people.

How Does Serial Killer Show Up In The Town Of Salem?

The Serial Killer in the Town Of Salem is always disguised as a Sheriff, unlike the Werewolf, Mafia or Coven that takes up innocent roles.

How To Commit Suicide In The Town Of Salem

To commit suicide, you will have to kill a Town member. That will make you feel guilty and resort to committing suicide.

How Many Vests Does A Survivor Get In The Town Of Salem

The survivor in the Town of Salem will get four vests representing each party that participated in the massacre.

What Happens When Every Faction Dies In The Town Of Salem?

A wipeout occurs in the Town of Salem when all factions and players are dead, meaning the Town, Coven, Mafia etc., has lost every member. In that case, players who completed their goals before dying will see a win screen while everyone else loses.

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