SOLVED! Belt-Fastened Quivers Not Working

 Belt-Fastened Quivers is one of the must-have mods for Skyrim players who care about looks but complaints about Belt-Fastened Quivers not working still appear sometimes. Usually, if you have yet to set the quiver position, the mod won’t work in earnest so you should check that out. Besides that, it’s wise to take a look at the mod load order, change the mod load order, delete duplicated skeletons, … Continue reading to be able to put Belt-Fastened Quivers to good use and enjoy Skyrim to the fullest. 

Belt-Fastened Quivers Won’t Work: Causes 

Quiver Position Not Set 

In layman’s terms, for Belt-Fastened Quivers to work, Skyrim players have to set the quiver position in the XPMSE MCM menu. As long as the quiver position is not set, Belt-Fastened Quivers cannot do a thing. You notice Belt-Fastened Quivers not working? Then it’s a good idea to give quiver position some thought. 

Mod Load Order 

All in all, Skyrim is capable of supporting many mods at the same time but the mod load order requires special attention. If you have a sound load order, the mods should work as expected in most of the cases. On the other hand, if your load order is less than ideal, it’s only natural that some work would act up and  Belt-Fastened Quivers is not an exception. On the bright side, if the mod load order is the root of the problem, there is no need to do much. 


On occasions, XPMSE may bug out in the course of operation and lead to the duplications of files. If Windows detects duplicated skeletons, it’s going to favor the alternative over the original. Unless you take action, there is no way to get mods including Belt-Fastened Quivers to work. 

A Few Fixes 

Set The Quiver Position

Generally speaking, Belt-Fastened Quivers should work as expected once you set the quiver XPMSE MCM menu. Open XPMSE MCM, set the quiver position, save and launch Skyrim.

Change The Mod Load Order 

For your information, it’s not uncommon for mods to be overwritten by other mods in flawed mod load orders. Thus, you must go through the load order of your Skyrim mods then apply changes if necessary. In the case that you know little about organizing mods for Skyrim, feel free to post your mod loader to forums for advice. By doing so, you could optimize the load order and put an end to the overwriting of mods. 

Note: You have a lot of mods and they alter multiple elements of Skyrim? Then there is a good chance some of them don’t work well alongside others due to compatibility issues. For good measure, disable all mods except Belt-Fastened Quivers and its requirements then see how things turn out. Moreover, it’s wise to update all of the mods to the latest version. 

For instance, ragdoll mods mess up XPMSE as well as Belt-Fastened Quivers at times. Thus, About Belt-Fastened Quivers not working, you should consider getting rid of ragdoll mods. 

Delete Duplicated Skeletons 

Open File Explorer, go to the Skyrim game folder and look for duplicated skeletons. The moment you come across a duplicated skeleton, delete it so Windows only detects the original. After you finish, launch Skyrim and determine whether the issue persists. 

The Way To Play Skyrim: Suggestions 

Don’t Buy Weapons

As you play Skyrim, you would run into blacksmiths from time to time and at a glance, they sell good weapons. However, resist the temptation to buy weapons from blacksmiths. In Skyrim, you could acquire a wide range of weapons by exploring, completing quests and so on. Such weapons usually outmatch the ones sold by blacksmiths in various aspects. Thus, for your own good, ignore blacksmith weapons and save gold. 

Make Saving A  Habit 

There is no shortage of dangers in Skyrim which is why you should save regularly. The more times you save, the lower the odds of you having to replay a section of the game due to sudden deaths. Aside from that, considering the buggy nature of Skyrim, you should make multiple saves. That is going to help you recover from game-breaking bugs that compromise saves. 

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