Arma 3 Server Not Responding

Ever since its release in 2013, Arma 3 has consistently reached high ranks in reviews of open-world tactical shooter games. Thousands of players around the world play the multiplayer mode of Arma 3 daily. However, a number of players have complained about the Arma 3 server not responding every now and then. In the case that you also have a hard time playing Arma 3 due to server issues, this article is for you. 

Arma 3 Server Won’t Respond: Causes And Solution

To come out on top in the multiplayer mode of Arma 3, players need a combination of experience, sound strategy, good teamwork and stable connection. Needless to say, it’s annoying to launch a match in Arma 3 only to see a message that says “server is not responding”. Below are the common reasons why this can happen and how to fix it:

The Usual Suspects

  • Mods: If you have mods enabled while playing the game, one of them might be responsible for the error you are getting.
  • Internet: The error can be the result of a less than ideal Internet connection.
  • Recent update: If you recently updated the game, perhaps the file didn’t install correctly which is why you are experiencing server issues.
  • Router: The current router settings may be what is hindering your PC from connecting to the game server
  • Antivirus program: Your Antivirus program may be blocking the game launcher from connecting to the server.

What Must Be Done

Check Out The Router

First, check your internet subscription to ensure it hasn’t run out. If everything is good, proceed to restart the router as well as the PC. Next, go to your router settings and see if the universal automatic configuration of network devices (UPnP) is enabled. The default setting of UPnP on some routers is off and that messes up the server connection. 

Disable Antivirus Program

If you suspect that your antivirus program is behind the error, temporarily disable it, relaunch the game and see how things turn out.

Disable Mods

If you recently installed a mod, disable it from the game menu and determine whether the issue persists. If the server issue vanishes then it means that the mod is responsible and you should uninstall it.

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

If the error started as a result of a recent update you made, you could go ahead to verify the integrity of the game files on steam by following the steps below;

  • Step 1: Launch the Steam app and navigate to Arma 3 in Library.
  • Step 2: Right-click Arma 3 then click Properties.
  • Step 3: Proceed to go to Local Files tab then hit Verify integrity of game files.
  • Step 4: Allow the verification to run all the way then follow the instructions. 

A Novice’s Guide

Stance Adjustment

Depending on what you are about to do, you will have to change your stance in Arma 3. Press the left ctrl button with either W, S, A or D to change your stance. Keys A and D are used to move your upper body in the left and right directions, respectively. On the other hand, W and S take you through 8 different stances, from erect to lying down.

Mounting Weapons

As you play this game, there will be times you need to mount your weapon to take a clear shot and reduce recoil. To mount on any surface, press the C key on your keyboard.

Look Around While Mounted

You can look around in a mounted position without having to move your gun by holding the Alt key on your keyboard. This is useful as you aim because you won’t get caught off guard by the enemies in the surrounding. Release the key to return to the aiming position once you are done scanning.

Disable Headbob

The Headbob feature makes your screen move around while you are running, which can obstruct your view when there is danger ahead. Go to the game settings and turn off this feature if you find it distracting. 

Make Use Of Tactical Ping

The Tactical ping is a feature used to place targets on enemies or locations for your team members to engage or avoid. To set a tactical ping, press the T key on your keyboard while aiming at the object of interest. 

Keep An Eye On Mini Map

A mini-map is available for you as you play, which you can access by pressing ctrl+m on your keyboard. This map doubles as a GPS device as it shows you your location and other vital information about the neighboring area. The map also shows you the location of your teammates, so you don’t end up killing one of them. Combine the information from the map with what you see and hear to make the right decisions.

Listen To Footsteps

Keep your ears open for footsteps as they approach so that you can take cover when enemies are coming. If you see any of your teammates treading carefully, he probably heard something so you must keep calm too till you know what actions to take.  You may have to get decent headphones to listen to sounds properly.

Shoot Through Obstacles

Most obstacles in Arma 3 are penetrable by gunfire. Hence, you can shoot an enemy behind an obstacle if you hear sound coming from that direction.

Do Gamers Love Arma 3?

It all depends on the player’s preferences. The game is designed with contents and modes that appeal to many playstyles. Therefore, almost everyone has something that they love about Arma 3 while playing it.

How Many Languages Are Supported In Arma 3?

Arma 3 provides customer support in 14 languages, including English, Spanish, Czech, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Is There A Solo Player Mode In Arma 3?

Yes, there is both solo player and multiplayer mode available in Arma 3. The solo player mode is available for play offline while the multiplayer mode requires an internet connection.

How Can I Play First Contact In Arma 3?

To play First Contact in Arma, open the game, navigate to the DLC section, and click it. Locate Arma 3 contact and launch it by tapping the Play button.

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