Ark Whistles Not Working

In ARK: Survival Evolved, different players use their tamed creatures differently but all agree that whistles play a key role. To give commands to the dinosaurs, ARK players must whistle to them and each whistle is unique. By taking advantage of whistles, people could order the dinosaurs to attack, gather, etc. Considering the importance of whistles in the game, it’s natural for players to be annoyed if they notice ARK whistles not working.

Whistles Won’t Work In ARK: Insights 

Generally speaking, once it comes to ARK whistles not working, game update is the number one suspect. Following the recent update, the group feature was added where players can group their tamed animal into ten groups from 0 to 9. To summon a dinosaur, players must make sure it belongs to the active group. If players whistle to dinosaurs that don’t belong to the active group, they won’t respond. 

Want to use whistles the old way? Then all you have to do is to clear all groups.

  • Step 1: Open Inventory 
  • Step 2: Go to the Groups tab
  • Step 3: Hit Clear active groups to clear all groups.  


Create Tools To Make Your Work Easy

In the beginning, your fist is the only thing you have to defend yourself and remove obstacles. As punching things hurt health in the long run, you should create tools as soon as possible. You can make a crude pickaxe if you grab a stone and use it to carve out wood from a tree. You can mine flint and then use it to replace the stone, giving you a solid weapon and mining tool. 

Kill Dodos 

Meat helps you restore health and Dodo is the best source of meat in the game regarding accessibility so don’t hesitate to kill the bird. You will get hides as well as experience points for killing Dodos too. Hides will help you keep warm while experience points let you level up.

Learn How To Get Materials

There are five essential materials you will need in your adventure: Stone, Wood, Fiber, Thatch, and Flint. You should be able to get Wood and Thatch from trees if you have a pickaxe. You can easily gather Stones lying around. It would help if you have a pickaxe to mine flint from the ground. Finally, you could stock up on Fibers by harvesting crops with a hand or sickle.

Unlock Essential Engrams Early

As you play, you will earn Engram points that permit you to unlock Engram. There are a lot of Engrams you can unlock early on in the game such as Thatch Doorframe, Thatch Foundation, and Campfire. All of the Engrams are available from level 2 and as you unlock them, you get experience points.

Build A Shelter On Time

If you have food, tools and some Engrams, it’s time to build a shelter. The shelter keeps you healthy by providing security against roaming Dinos and warmth at night. However, make sure your shelter is located in a secure location, preferably on an elevation difficult for wild animals to reach.

Recover Items From Body 

If you die, every item that resources you have acquired up to that point remain in your body. Hence, you must locate the body at the earliest opportunity to recover items. Your best bet is to look up the point on the map where you died and keep track of the landmarks around the scene when it happened. There is a timer on the body after which you can recover it. Last but not least, watch out for whatever killed you since it could still be lurking around.

Carry Only The Essentials 

Like in the real world, overloading in Ark would slow you down. If you carry too much weight, your mobility drops and you don’t want that, especially if you have to evade wild dinosaurs. Thus, it’s wise to carry the items you need and stash the rest. 

Use Blueprints 

Assuming that you have blueprints, you can build structures unavailable at your level as long as you have the materials in your inventory. Otherwise, you will have to hold on to the blueprint until you have all the needed materials. The blueprints save you from spending Engram points.

How Do I Form A Whistle Group In Ark?

To form a whistle group, at least three people are needed, one is a leader and the rest are followers. The leader stands in-between the two followers and whistles then the followers try to imitate the leader’s sound.

Is It Possible To Change A Whistle Group?

You can change your whistle group by opening settings, clicking whistles and selecting the new group you prefer to join under My Whistles.

What Must Be Done To Locate Lost Creatures?

There are two ways to pinpoint lost dinosaurs in Ark. The first is the whistle command which will make every Dino within the whistling radius call out their owners. When you hear your Dino call make your way to it. The second way is to use the Directional Scanner tool to reveal the position of every Dino in the vicinity.

What Is The Use Of A Group In Ark?

In Ark, you can use groups to organize players into teams and manage players’ permissions. You can also use groups to control the spawning of creatures and items.

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