SOLVED! 7 Days To Die Fastest Way To Level Up

All in all, 7 Days to Die fastest way to level up is usually a topic that attracts special attention from 7DTD players, novices and veterans alike. In the game, every time your character levels up, you receive a point that could be spent on Skills and Perks. Hence, the more you level up, the higher your odds of survival increase. Read to the end to learn what must be done to level up quickly in 7 Days to Die.

Leveling Up In 7 Days To Die: Guidelines

Different players play 7 Days to Die differently. Nonetheless, once it comes to 7 Days to Die fastest way to level up, you should remember the followings:

  • Kill Zombies: Killing zombies gets you a lot of XP so you must focus on finding and killing them. A good strategy is to attract screamers to your base where your defense enables you to kill zombies in large numbers.
  • Sell Items: As time passes by, you should come across a number of items that could be exchanged for cash. It’s possible to trade in some of the things at the merchant for cash rewards. Via trading, you would be able to get some XP.
  • Harvest Resources: Once collected, resources like Stone Pallets, Cobblestone Pallets, Paper Rolls and so on grant XP.
  • Mine Resources: In case you don’t know, if you mine resources such as ores, you could gain a lot of XP. That means by improving your mining skill, you would have an easy time accumulating XP.
  • Play In Parties: If you play alongside others and go on missions, you should be able to receive XP for every zombie killed regardless of your contribution.
  • Take On Quests: Many quests exist in 7 Days to Die and you could access them by hitting “do you have any job?” in the Trader section. Each of the quests completed is going to provide your XP.

Tips And Tricks

Scrap Items For Materials

In 7 Days to Die, you should come across rubbish items like old books, door knobs and so on. If you scrap such items, you only gain XP but also get materials to create new things.

Sell Books

Books play a key role in the game as when you read them, your Skills and Perks would increase. However, not every book comes in handy, especially if the books don’t supplement your character build. Aside from that, if you have read a book once, there is no need to read it again. That is why it’s a good idea to sell books that you don’t want for cash.

Renovate Instead Of Constructing 

7 Days to Die allows players to build houses from scratch as well as renovate existing buildings. In most of the cases, it is more effective and efficient to renovate instead of constructing. While choosing a building to renovate, you should prioritize areas where you could thwart horde attacks with relative ease. Furthermore, if possible, you may want to stick to structures that feature flat roofs to accommodate farms.

Watch Out For Vultures

One of the craziest creatures that roam the world of 7 Days to Die is Zombie Vulture. If you come across Zombie Vultures, eliminate them using guns as soon as possible.

Keep The Base Well-Lit

Set up the lighting strategically so your base is well-lit. If your base is poorly-lit, hordes could overwhelm it in a blink of an eye.

Crouch To Keep The Noise Down

In layman’s terms, crouching lets you move from one point to another without drawing attention. If you crouch, you would be able to move around unnoticed and avoid fighting. Still, as you crouch, keep your distance from the zombies because they might see you if you get too close.

Return To Base Before Night Falls 

Generally speaking, night is a dangerous period since it’s when zombies turn rabid. Therefore, you should be on your way home before it gets dark.

Balance Skills And Perks 

In the early part of the game, before the 7-day horde arrives, it is essential to maintain balanced skills and perks to stay alive. The level of the player is one of the primary factors determining the difficulty of the zombie mobs. For instance, if you spend the first week looting, crafting, … it will be difficult when the second week begins and strong zombies begin to spawn. Also, if you put too much emphasis on fighting and refuse to level up knowledge, you cannot create advanced weapons to fight powerful enemies.


Can zombies swim in 7 Days to Die?

No, they don’t. Thus, you have a high chance of surviving the night if you stay on the water than on land. Of course, you must still stock up on supplies. The moment dawn comes, the horde can’t run, you can swim to shore then eliminate zombies.

What is the hearing range of zombies?

For your information, zombies have a hearing range that extends as far as the loaded area allows. Currently, the limit is 80 blocks.

What vehicle is the best?

The best vehicle to have in 7 Days to Die is the Gyrocopter.

What is the highest level in 7 Days to Die?

The highest level that you could reach in 7 Days to Die is 300.

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