Grateful Dead Game – About The Epic Tour

The Long Strange Game Begin

Ever fantasize about being at some of the Grateful Dead’s most epic shows? Welcome to the Game that turns your dream into virtual reality. The Epic Tour begins in 2012, but you can pre-order a membership bundle NOW!

How to play: Create your bear &

Put on your Shoes, Put on your Hats!

Transform yourself into a Dancing Bear to get ready for the trip.

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We’ll be traveling through Grateful Dead space to revisit some legendary times. Pre-order 1 of 4 limited edition Membership
Packages to reserve your tickets and get virtual currency and much more now!

Where shall we go?

What are the Dead’s Most Epic Shows? Vote now, because our votes decide the shows on the Epic Tour. We’ll announce the top ten, as voted by fans, on January 31, 2024.

Be The Story Teller

Adventures. Miracles. Serendipity. Stories! The Game World is built, in part, from the collective memory of Dead Heads.=> Share your story!

Who Needs A Miracle

Pre-order a membership package for a friend=> Send a miracle to email: [email protected]

Like most online games today, The Epic Tour uses a “freemium” business model. This means the game will have many free features, and a player can play and enjoy the game without spending any money.

At the same time there are premium features that will cost a bit for the player who doesn’t mind spending. Right now you can create your Dancing Bear with thousands of design combos that don’t cost anything. There’s also other stuff that does cost a few Stealies.

For all the Heads who want their Dead to be free, rest assured, we’re going to give you a killer experience that won’t cost a thing. And if you’re willing and able to spend a few bucks, the premium features we deliver are going to blow you away.

Our goal in designing Grateful Dead Game – The Epic Tour, is to honor the legacy of the Grateful Dead, and to usher it into a new medium where we can deliver to fans new ways of experiencing the Dead. No matter your ability or interest to pay, you’ll have something to play.

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About The Epic Tour

The long, strange game begins: Grateful Dead Game, The Epic Tour

The Epic Tour is a social game playable on online and mobile devices; it’s a trip through Grateful Dead time and space in which we will re-imagine ten of the Dead’s most Epic Shows.  In the Game World, each Epic Show is a Planet in Space. Players in The Epic Tour are in an adventure game trying to get to every show of the tour.

As a social game, the community of players faces a common challenge: in The Epic Tour it’s a tug-of-war between The Dark and Light. Darkness in the Game World is undiscovered, empty, or unkind places. The community of players works together to shine the Love Light in places where there is Darkness. Light represents the collective positive vibe of the Grateful Dead experience: the music, fun, community, celebration, cooperation, individualism, hope, freedom, escape, and joy. Light is brought by acts of kindness to other players, by cooperation, and by cultivating gardens of flowers.

In December 2011, we launched a pre-order for The Epic Tour. Hosted at, the beginning of the trip has players gearing up for the tour, designing their Dancing Bear Character with millions of design combinations, and taking snapshots with the ever-growing group of gathered Dead Heads. We’re at Dead Central Station, where the Space Rail will take players on tour, as soon as we know where we’re going. The players will decide the shows on The Epic Tour by browsing a catalog of all Grateful Dead concerts and tagging all the shows they deem to be “epic.” On January 31, 2012 the top ten shows, as voted by the fans, will become the itinerary for The Epic Tour. The train will leave the station in April 2012 heading for the first of a 10-show virtual tour.

Between December and April, Curious Sense, producers of The Epic Tour, will roll out new features, content, and games on a monthly basis.

Early adopters will have the chance to buy limited edition membership packages. These Diamond ($400), Gold ($100), Silver ($25), and Burrito ($10) packages include exclusive real world and virtual items including Stealies, the virtual currency used to buy premium goods for character customization; a limited edition archival quality 18” x 24” poster commissioned for The Epic Tour; and limited edition numbered laminated passes that guarantee buyers the earliest access to new features, passes to ride the Space Rail, and attendance at the first epic shows on the tour. The 1,000 buyers of the Diamond Package will earn, among many treats, a special in-game benefit, and a first of its kind game experience: a virtual brick on the golden road – an in-game gathering place where the Diamond Members will be recognized by name virtually forever, with a foundational hallmark that lives within the Game.


TM & ©2011 Grateful Dead Productions. Produced under license by Curious Sense, Inc. All rights reserved.

Created and produced by Curious Sense, Inc.

Developed by unit9, Ltd.

Sound design by Ben Brown, and his team at Somatone, Inc.

Special thanks to Bill Walton for doing the voice-over for our web video.

Thanks to the following photographers for licensing their photos for the Web video
– Susana Millman
– Richie Pechner
– Amalie R. Rothschild

Game Poster by Joshua Marc Levy

Thanks to for concert data.